Friday, August 13, 2004

Will this day ever end?????

"I tried a dessert called 'Death by Chocolate' but it only made me stronger."
--from a Hallmark card I got in the mail

Man, it's still cool to get a letter in the mail. Heard from an old friend from way back in my dating-the-first-hubby days. She also is divorced from the butt-head she married (actually her butt-head ex was best friends with my butt-head ex.) We should have looked out for each other better. Actually the problem was we'd all go out together and she & I'd have fun and the butts would have fun, we didn't realize what a pain the guys were until we each moved away and we were stuck with them by ourselves. Ah well, I wouldn't have the munchkins and she wouldn't have her little one either, so we're all better, stronger women now I guess.

I'm here all alone....just me and the bitter ones. Everyone slightly normal is out on vacation, sick, or moved to TX. I think I'll hide quietly, maybe no one will notice I'm here. Cleaned off my desk, I actually saw the fake wood plank again, woo hoo what excitement down in the basement.

I'm taking the Joe-man out mini golfing at Incred-A-Bowl. Then, my cousin's coming over and it's off to the boats. I'm gonna take me some money from the old guys. :) Please, please, please let time move forward................

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