Friday, July 06, 2012

This yarn makes me SO HAPPY!!!

"This yarn makes me SO HAPPY!" said from an adorable little 8 year old girl while HUGGING the yarn above at the KC Maker Faire.

Having a yarn booth at an event not necessarily for yarnies is an unusual thing. You run into all kinds of comments....."You know you can buy yarn at Wal-Mart, right?"....."Look Tommy, that lady is weaving a scarf"--"Actually, I'm spinning yarn on a spinning wheel."--"No, you're not. You're weaving."--"I'm pretty sure I'm spinning on a wheel."....."Oh that's interesting.".....And lots of people asking good questions, or just standing, amazed, watching the colors and textures wind onto the bobbin while the wheel goes round and round.
My favorite part of the WHOLE EVENT was this adorable little girl that ran over to our booth (shared with FiberTerian), grabbed hold of this skein of apple green thick and thin yarn, hugged it hard and looked up at us both and yelled "THIS YARN MAKES ME SOOOOO HAPPY!" That's what it's all about. This yarn makes ME so happy too, kiddo!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It woud've been cooler to strap the actual mohair goat to my forehead.

It's summer, which around here means LAKE KNITTING! We went camping for a week in NW Kansas at Lake Webster for a family reunion. LOTS of good food, family fun, beautiful scenery for sitting & knitting, but it was HOT HOT HOT. Another weekend or four spent at the Lake of the Ozarks, also HOT as HELL, but good knitting, food, family, etc.

The only issue was the good old TreasureGoddess Orange Lake Hat was looking a bit rough. Here it is in the glory days.

Well, it's been beaten to heck and has a few light tears that've been glued back together and the cool hat band & metal front piece fell off. In what I thought was a bit of genius, I decided it was the PERFECT place to glue a big, handspun, hand crocheted AND hand felted fire red/orange MOHAIR flower! Right?

Anyone see the problem here? It looks great! The big honking mohair flower has gorgeous texture, it weighs the hat down well so it doesn't blow off in the wind, it's handmade and fabulous, made of one of my truly favoritest fibers on earth, and is HOT AS HOLY HELL!!! It HOLDS IN THE HEAT and basically boils the front of my head. It would've been cooler to strap an actual mohair goat to my forehead. Seriously. Cripes almighty. I can't bear NOT to wear the hat, it provides JUST the right amount of shade, is a permanent part of my personality in the summer, but is almost unbearable to actually WEAR. I also glued the holy heck out of it, so the only way this flower is coming off the hat is to cut a hole in the front of the hat. I can't bear to do that, so it looks like sweaty days ahead.

THIS is what lake knitting is all about. Sitting on the dock, watching the waves, light breeze blowing, sitting and knitting in your swimsuit, hopping in for a quick swim and then back to the knitting.

May your summer knitting be cool and mohair free. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TreasureGoddess Knitting Vlog Post #1

Come over to the new TreasureGoddess blog site to see my new Vlog! It's all about SUPERCOILS art yarn! YAY! YARN! TreasureGoddess Vlog Post #1

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sockyarn Blanket in Progress

come over to the new TreasureGoddess Blog to see my post about the sockyarn bits blanket! New TreasureGoddess Blog

Friday, April 06, 2012

Knitting in the Heartland!

Knitting in the Heartland, an amazing weekend of awesomeness in Overland Park, KS (suburb of KC). Come out and meet Franklin Habit, Jzycee Boggs and ME! Click below to see the new blog with more details!


Thursday, April 05, 2012

YAY Craftsy!!

On the new blog, I talk about being listed on Craftsy's top 20 list of free patterns. :) Come on over!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Official Batt Your Arse Off Day

Come on over to the new blog and read about my fibery fun-filled day!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Is anyone still there????

Because I'm the technological equivalent of an 80 yr old man, I've somehow fuxxed up my rss feed when I did my big announcement of the new blog site. cripes almighty.

IF you would be so very kind, PLEASE re-sign up on your google reader or bloglines or whatever blog list you use with the new and improved rss feed below....

OR go to the new website and use THAT sight on your blog list to subscribe to. It's now featuring a rather horrid photo of an orange sweater gone bad.

Thank you!!!
See you soon,
Christine aka TreasureGoddess

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post on the new website!

TreasureGoddess New Blog Post of the horror.....the ugly stepsister sweater that did NOT block out. It blocked WORSE! *shudder*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Post showing the fabulous new SPARKLY socks I got as a gift from Tim the Great over at the new blog home....NEW & Slightly Improved TreasureGoddess Blog!

Please change your feeds to the new web address and come say howdy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

TreasureGoddess has a new home!

Please come and see me at my new home, change your blog rolls, google blog reader lists, etc. We'll have lots of new yarny adventures I'm sure.

New TreasureGoddess Blog: New TreasureGoddess Blog

Friday, January 06, 2012

Craftzine things about... things about...

Click the button above for a cool tour meeting all kinds of creative people! Here's my info:

I'm TreasureGoddess Christine. I live & breathe wool. I love dying it, carding it, spinning it, knitting it, crocheting it, heck, I love just carrying around a skein of handspun yarn and petting it like a little dog. Forget purse dogs, we should all be carrying purse skeins of yarn! I *heart* everything wooly or alpaca-y or mohairy! My favorite thing to do is to create knitting and crochet patterns for unusual textured or art yarns.

One project I am particularly proud of
is that I've raised two very crafty, creative and entrepreneurial children. One creates his own line of animal magnets and the other creates amazing art with old cd's, fingernail polish, glitter and other misc craft supplies she finds around the house. My kids rock. I would choose to hang out with these two even if they weren't related to me. (and I don't particularly like kids so this is saying something!)

Two mistakes I've made in the past
Mistake #1 The Leaky Boob Sweater, where I learned that it truly pays to TRY ON a sweater as you make it, not just to make sure it fits, but also to make sure there's not a strange pooling in the handpainted yarn or some other unflattering feature along the way.
Mistake #2 Undervaluing my work. In the past I've brushed compliments aside with an "oh anyone could do that" or "it's not that special" kind of attitude. I've also underpriced my patterns, yarn and hand dyed fiber in the past as well. I create amazing, unique and FUN fibery things and should be PROUD of what I've created. I've learned when my prices are more realistic, my sales are stronger.

Three Things that make my work unique
#1 Me. I'm a bit odd, quirky and fun loving. I believe my patterns and fiber creations reflect that. I am the TreasureGoddess! I snort when I laugh too hard, which usually makes me laugh even harder. I think of myself as the Goddess of Wooly Treasures.
#2 My family. We have a strange part redneck, part art & culture, part LOUD, part soothing and part crazy life. The outdoor adventures clearly play a role in my creation process, as there's always knitting along to keep me sane.
#3 My studio. My studio is in the middle of utter chaos. It's full of textures, colors, yarns, photos, flowers, colored pencils, spinning wheel, implements of destruction (knitting needles), magazines, fabric, unfinished projects, amazing natural light, view of the creek behind our house, and also doubles as our dining room when we have big family gatherings. No quiet studio loft with white walls and amazing counter space for me.

Four tools I love to use
#1 Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel, stained to enhance the wood and the wheel is painted deep red. It makes me happy and makes amazing yarn from nice, sturdy and respectable yarn to crazy art yarn supercoils!
#2 Knitpicks interchangeable circular knitting needles.
#3 Roaster for dying large batches of spinning fiber or yarn
#4 Notebooks. Can't EVER have enough.

Five Inspirations
#1 Nature. As much as it tries to eat me, maim me or kill me, it truly is inspiring and beautiful. I'm glad we still have wild areas of the country to explore. And I'm very glad there's bugspray.
#2 Knitters and Spinners and Crocheters. Just talking with other fiber artists, seeing their projects, their color choices, textured stitches gets my brain crazily finding new tangents or what about this stitch with that yarn and on and on and on. Knitters, Spinners and Crocheters ROCK!
#3 Craft Blogs. There are so many creative people out there!
#4 Old movies. Amazing costumes, textures, fabrics, styles
#5 My life is so much better with ravelry!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the Kansas Creative Quarterly & WOOLFEST 2012!

The Kansas Creative Quarterly is a cool little online resource that features artists in our little corner of the midwest. Their winter finds is HERE. It has some warm & wooly items available online in each artist's own little online venue. It also has a nice directory of Handmade Artists Supplies HERE. The list includes some pretty fabulous fiber & handspun yarn artist shops (including mine). I was intrigued by the t-shirt yarn shop. Very cool.

YAY! Winter Woolfest!! Sat, January 7th, 10am-4pm at Columbian Theater in downtown Wamego, KS. Free mini classes and demonstrations, fiber vendors and WOOLY FUN FOR ALL! I can't wait! I will be a vendor there. I'm bringing batts, fiber braids, yarn, felted flower pins & cool little fiber related goodies. Please come and see me and tell me to stop spending all my profits on everyone else's shops!! There are some amazing vendors there!!!

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