Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday, August 8, 2004

"Life is a rollercoaster. Try to eat a light lunch."
--David A. Schmaltz

OK, gotta create a family-friendly blog for the grandma's and Aunt Angie and such. Poor Aunt Angie. My little bro Will and Raegen came by for a quick visit before he got back on the plane for Florida. He HAD to bring up the "boys town" part of Chicago. Will doesn't stop there, once she realized it wasn't the nice organization you donate $$ to for underpriviledged kids, no, he started naming names of the bars....the man hole, the back door, etc. I thought Angie was going to die. You gotta give the lady credit, she turned awfully pale, but didn't say a word and just smiled weakly until it was over.

Raegen and a few of her girlfriends want to go to Missy B's for the drag show, so RUSSELL, get it together and organize a trip down there soon!!!

Went to Hallmark, OMG I've gotta get that barbie shoe tree thing for Xmas....It's like $20 and it's just ME ME ME. Put it on the list for Santa. I've been pretty good this year, still have a lot of time to kiss ass yet. Can't wait to see pic's of Russell's time at the Barbie convention. Wonder if Mark made it through without screaming and ripping heads off a few dolls???

Knitting update: Went to TOWN this weekend on the keyhole scarf (yes, another freaking scarf) for my friend Jildo. Jildo had an unfortunate accident with a long scarf that got caught and ended up thrown to the ground, scraping her little nose, so I'm making the chic a little scarf that won't go anywhere it's not supposed to. Pics coming soon, the server for photobucket is not behaving).

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