Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday, August 6, 2004

"It is easier to stay out than to get out."
--Mark Twain

Isn't that the danm truth? Well, I'm going out to dinner with the Italian Stallion tonight, and it's probably going to be one of those uncomfortable ready-to-run-any-minute kind of things. I went into this with the standard..."I'm not wanting a relationship, I just want to go out once in a while and have some fun..." crap and that didn't work. He called 4 times last night FOUR TIMES. Then on each message he apologized for bothering me, but he missed me, then he apologized for missing me....OH MY GOD. No, I didn't answer the phone last night because Italian man was bothering me and old-guy-Kenny called twice as well also to apologize for bothering me at Quick Trip and let me know he's going to leave me alone since he cares so.

PLUS I forgot to write that as I stopped off for my daily diet coke fix at the old Quick Trip last week, I pulled up to the curb, got out and OUT jumped old-guy Kenny! My old sugar-daddy-wanna-be. He had a diet coke and the newspaper for me. I got back in the truck, locked the door and thanked him sweetly, asked him to remember that if he cared about me as he said, he'd consider me out of his life and will concentrate on his WIFE. I drove off, poured out the diet coke and went to Sonic for two big-ass breakfast burritos. mmmmmm.. I'm hungry now, think they'd notice if I snuck out for a burrito? bacon....mmmm... damn 3 more hours till lunch.

In one of my myriad quote books, I stumbled on a cute list of how to know "he" is not the "Mr. Right":
--He spends more time talking to his mother than to you
--You hesitate when his name comes up on caller id (or like me you yell at the phone and push the ignore button)
--You've never pictured him without his clothes on (ok any old guys I've dated fall in here)
--You wear your comfy cotton undies instead of a new lacy thong
--You don't shave your legs right before the date

SO, fun weekend planned, probably breaking it off with Italian man (why should I have to break up when there wasn't supposed to be a relationship ANYWAY???) playdates for the kids, bday parties for my friend's daughter and we're GOIN' TO THE FAIR!!! OK, I actually LOVE the fair, my kids are like "whatever, Mom" about it. :)

Woo hoo what a wild life I lead. At least I get to wander around looking at cows & sheep & smelling funnel cakes & cotton candy. (I'm still master of my domain even though Marvin brought a TON of doughnuts yesterday to work.) FIT into one of my old skirts again, so maybe this eating vegetables, fruit, meat and other non-processed food and exercising crap really works.....still miss funnel cakes....mmmmm.

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