Friday, August 06, 2004

Sassy Journal

Ok, I love love love my little journal/notes-to-go book! I got it at Borders and LOVE IT! It's got cool pages that tear out with little funny sayings along the edge. The one I used today said "You're not bitter, you're cynically hopeful." Another fave of mine is "You're not alone. I don't like your boyfriend either."

Why can't I come up with crap like this? I've got the bad attitude, the over-abundance of sassiness, a little creativity (ok a lot more with some chocolate martini's, but still). Yup, I'm gonna have a drink/creative session with Russell and we're coming up with our own line of journals, note cards and the like. Something with a combo of his old-fashioned barbie style and my attitude...could be good. If not, at least we'll have good drinks.

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