Wednesday, March 30, 2005

this n that

First of all, I'm tired of this sad pink boring blog. I've GOT to get it updated. I'm going through one of those phases where I start "organizing" aka moving stuff into other piles and places and throwing about 5 big yellow trash bags of CRAP out, and still having more crap than humanly possible crammed into the corners of my life...and I'm feeling that need on this's ALL GOT TO GO, ok, maybe just re-organize things. I have buttons to list, new blogs I read, LOSING THE PINK WOULD HELP, I'm all pinked out, better free patterns, newer pics, AAAUUURRRGGGHHH I can't stand it!!! Hopefully something will be accomplished soon, be patient. One of us has to be.

I was booking right along last night at about 10pm, finding knitting books, magazines, point protectors (THIS is why I can't ever find them when I need them), yarn, and the like in shoe boxes, bags, closets, back of the blazer, and everywhere else you can think of EXCEPT in my nice cedar dresser where it all SHOULD be...anyway...moving along, organizing, making little piles, and then I see I never decided what to do with those three mystery hand-dyed balls from Nyxxie...well, they HAD to have a swatch, now didn't they? It didn't matter that it was 11pm and I had little piles all over the bed, nope. I was swatchin... Got that done, with all three colors in a stipy thing, and thought, OH, maybe it will felt, so it needs ANOTHER swatch, with all three colors of course. Two cadbury eggs later (yes, I STILL have a few in the house dammit) and two diet cokes drunk, I started putting away all the little piles into two really big piles in a different part of the room. (no, I didn't walk my lazy butt downstairs to actually put anything away, that's not how my crazy organizing fits go). Then I saw the sweater. The big ass Eddie Bauer OLD heavy wool sweater that I've had for about 10 years and worn once. It needs to be unraveled and reclaimed and knitted into felted bags. It does. It really really does. My limited ability with unraveling ended last time with the sweater in question being unseamed, the beginnings of unraveling begun, frustration set in (patience? what's patience?) and let's just say it ended up hacked into pieces, stomped on and thrown away. Not very recyclable of me. Wow, it's a good thing I'm not a serial-killer-type person, I could be really scary. So, at 1:30am I have a sleeve unseamed and ready for unraveling. I used the tutorial that I can't seem to find now, but it was on a previous post I think. I don't know, I NEED TO REORGANIZE this damn blog to FIND MY STUFF!!!! ANYWAY, It should be fun, I'm so excited, it's not even funny.

Yesterday for lunch I somehow drove my car to a destination OTHER than chipotle. It took serious willpower but it was done. I ended up in a little minimall at Subway, got a nice little chicken wrap thing that did NOT fill me up and make my belly happy as it is after my steak burrito bowl, but cripes I was turning into Rainman....."I'm a very good driver......steak burrito bowl.....steak burrito bowl......." Then, looking around, I see there are reasons we're all not healthy happy skinny kansans here. The subway is right next door to a liquor store, and on the other side is a Baskin Robbins WITH A DRIVE THRU..... Boy, if they added Chipotle and a yarn store I would never leave.

I swear I almost followed this guy in the parking lot across the city instead of going back to work....he was a ways ahead of me in line at subway, OH LORD he was nice looking, big, rugged, yet wearing nice casual yet expensive looking clothes (but not giving off that horrible aura of the metrosexual..) and then got into a BIG PICKUP TRUCK with a NO-W sign with the W in a crossed circle...I thought to myself, self, that's about the perfect man up there. He's got the "city boy" manners and clothes with the "country boy" truck and attitude and I bet he can two step while knowing what wine to drink with each meal. Without realizing it, I was just driving down the road in the opposite direction of my job, and then I realized I was like a stalker in the making and made myself turn to go back to work. GOOD LORD I've got to get out into society more often!!!

****Editing note***** I've just been informed (quite nicely, actually) by email that I have "serious issues" that "need work" in order for me to find my life happiness. Thank you gentle reader, I know you really do mean the best, but I have grown attached to my "issues." Just like my white hairs (that I call highlighting) and wrinkles, I have earned my "issues." They have become a part of me and the Knitting Virgin with clear smooth skin and thin thighs and the ability to be in a grown-up monogomas (cripes I can't even spell that word let alone DO it) relationship would probably take away part of the stuff that has built me into this goddess of satire and freaky-mojo-attracting being that I have become. Ok, I could TOTALLY do without the chubby thighs, but I'm afraid you're just stuck with me the way I am. I can "play nice" once in a while, but that just gets too boring. I think it was Shelby on Steel Magnolias said "I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." I've had more than my thirty minutes of fun, and I'd like to think those little moments have added up to the happiness (and often law-breaking) that have given me some of my most favorite memories and a lot of my personality.

dammit, now I'm going to have to go rent Steel Magnolias and the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and watch them all weekend and cry and laugh. I'd better call Jildo and re-hash some of our wild escapades.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

TEAM JOEY is walking in Great Strides for Cystic Fibosis

Well, we're finally getting organized and ready to go! Saturday, May 21st our TEAM JOEY is walking in the Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis 2005 event at Shawnee Mission Park shelter #8. If you'd like to join the team, come on out! We'd love to see you!

My son, Joey, has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects his lungs, sinuses, digestion and other fun stuff. We've seen the benefits of medical research as two of the medicines Joey takes daily have only been on the market for the last couple of years. The medical research has pushed the median survival age from 12-15 years to mid-thirty's. They seem on the brink of so many things, I really try to raise as much $$ as I can to help my son and the 30,000 other children and young adults fighting this on a daily basis.

PLEASE do not feel obligated, but if you'd like to join TEAM JOEY as a virtual walker, feel free to click the pic below and learn more or donate. Even $1 helps. We LOVE our virtual walkers!! So far we've had a few donations from virtual walkers online and also a couple have sent checks to the CFF Heart of America Chapter with "Team Joey" in the notes section. The link is secure, and any spare change or couple of dollars would be SO much appreciated! Two of the local yarn stores are selling $1 donation cards for our team, LOVE THOSE KNITTERS! Again, please don't feel obligated! To learn more or to donate, click my kid below:

Here's the officials of the team, Spokesman Joey, Details Diva Mom (aka Knitting Virgin), President and big sister Elizabeth at the Great Strides CF Walk 2004:

I will return to my normal abnormal rantings and ravings tomorrow.....

Monday, March 28, 2005

My love life, one step away from a Jerry Springer show...

In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.
--Lord Tennyson Alfred
In the spring all creepy guys' fancy heavily turns to Christine.
--Knitting Virgin

First the knitting update...I am really enjoying my multi-directional scarf from my Secret Pal! It is something I have to pay attention to, but it's going to be VERY cool and I am LOVING my artyarns yarn! Thanks again SP! No teaching of the children yet, I've got something scheduled every stinking weeknight this week, so it looks like a weekend project. It might not be as bad as I think it will be. Of course, my daughter and I almost come home in tears each time I try to teach her to ride her bike, so I'm not holding my breath here. She really is gifted creative-wise and has picked up plastic canvas and finger knitting very quickly, so hopefully we'll make it through.

For those of you tired of my rambles, stop reading now. A long rambling post follows....OK, so my week in men...Sometimes I wonder if there isn't a little "Let's drive Christine Crazy" club for losers out in the KC area. Cripes. I think my mojo is in serious need of a rejuvenation, it's sending out VERY funky vibes lately without my approval. I need to live down in the south where I can find a voodoo queen to give me a special charm to fix my mojo. [Yes, I do know quite a few queens here in town, but none of them are VOODOO queens, these are just bois prettier than I am, HAH!]

Anyway, here's the sitch: I get a call on my cell from a guy who said my old friend Kenny Rogers said I'd probably like to go out for dinner. [Kenny Rogers is my little name for my former old-guy beaux who was the perfect date, he bought me pretty things, fed me well, we had a lot of fun when we only occasionally went out, he barely called, PERFECT until I got a call from his WIFE...yup. his WIFE.] Not only am I still hearing from old Kenny by email, but this freaky guy gives my number to another one of his friends? WTF?? Kenny is also the one who on his last bouquet of flowers had a card that apologized for not telling me about his wife and said he missed "the nectar of the goddess." The man did not get anywhere NEAR my nectar. ick. I guess since this charming (yet also quite freaky) old guy isn't married, old Kenny thought he was doing me a favor. thanks Kenny.

NEXT...I go to a party where I run into a guy I went out with about 4 or 5 times. He is with his new pretty little thing girlfriend. It's not too akward at first, kind of a "hi, how are look great..." normal thing. We quit dating as he was more fussy than I prefer to be around. His clothes were always perfectly pressed, he complained if any little thing happened to his stuff, he sent back food EACH and EVERY time we went out for dinner, and was just too freaking high maintenance. It's just weird to go out with a guy with prettier clothes than you. I mean, his coffee beans had to "breathe" just the proper amount of time before he ground them, or it just ruined his whole day. His bathroom had more facial crap in it than mine does. He was also a skater boi, I know, I thought that part was kind of cool. A big Sprint executive by day, sk8r boi by night. He knew a lot of alternative bands and we always went neat places for good music, but he wore me out with the details. It was like dating a woman. ANYWAY, as the evening went on, I found myself occasionally getting a little extra arm touch, light tickle on my back, etc. every so often when his girlfriend was looking the other way. ICK. I smiled, said, no thanks, go check on your girl. More messages on the cell phone & emails about how we need to "catch up" etc. ick.

At the SAME party, another freaking pretty-clothes man is also making his move. He is not married, nor does he have a girlfriend, but is also one of those damn high-maintenance men who just tires me out. The evening basically became an obstacle course for me to keep just out of range of the two of them. They both were trying to one-up the other by telling me how they decorated their apartments. No, they are not gay, but YES they should be. They both sensed their non-manly approaches to win me over and tried to out-maneuver each other to decide who should walk me to my car at the end of the evening. I ended up grabbing one of my married friends for the escort and they didn't even realize I was out the door until they both came running up at the SAME time to wave at the romantic. More emails from him. fun.

Yesterday at work my old friend called, let's call him Bob. Bob's a trip, a sweet older gentleman who drives a limo around town. He took me to lunch once as a thank you for bowling with him in a tournament and I like NEVER to have got rid of the poor man. After totally NOT hitting on me in the least, he drove me back to work, leaned in for what I thought was a kiss on the cheek, and about SUCKED MY LIPS OFF then LICKED MY FACE before I could react. I'm telling you Hoover could use some power like that. I guess I looked surprised, as he told me he couldn't help it as my butt was talking to him. I told him I wasn't aware my butt could speak, but apparently there was something lost in translation. All that happened about 4 months ago, haven't heard from him since until he calls out of the blue, saying he was in the neighborhood and thought I could use another lunch date. I was very sweet and very disappointed, but had to pass.

Tired of reading yet?

Today, I got a call from Creepy Sprint Guy, the guy who used to be my "mentor". I thought I was getting someone to help me with my resume, practice interviews, and give career advice out of a group I was a part of when I was finishing my degree, but it turned out he was just creepy and a lech. SO, after not hearing from him for about 4 months also, he gives me a call out of the blue and said he's lost a bunch of weight and is now so sexy even I couldn't resist him, so how about lunch? or dinner and breakfast? Do guys like that really exist? only in KC. lucky me. Another big ICK and a sweet "gee, I'm sorry, but I'm just not looking for anything like that." This guy's ALSO a bowler.

FINALLY I was out at the casino (pretty much losing what I had left-over from the big win last Sat. night--apparently just because I thought I should have been a professional craps player did not mean the gods of gambling agreed with me) and I sit down at a blackjack table, and who sits down a few minutes later, but one of my ex-hubby's old professional bowler friends. OH OH OH this man is HOT. He buys me a beer, we sit & chat & laugh and I think OH I could get used to this... but I have a REALLY bad record with bowlers. This one is very handsome, only about 15 years older than me, has a REAL job, only bowls regional tournaments once in a while, and has a personality that is just fun. BUT I thought to myself, self, what the FUXX to you think you're doing??? How fast would EVERYONE that knows me whoop up on me??? And the sad thing is, I couldn't even get away with just jumping the guy (which I really REALLY wanted to do) as he knows everyone and everyone knows me and there's this whole strange world of bowlers that gossip worse than a bunch of old ladies. SO, I was a good girl and went home. [my kids' dad was a bowler, my mini-marriage was to a bowler, my married older guy Kenny Rogers was a bowler, the face licker was a bowler, creepy sprint exec was a bowler and 2 stalkers have been bowlers].

NOW I decided I'm holding out for a fireman. No more pretty boys, no more metrosexuals, I want a man that could carry me over his shoulder out of a burning building, or to a bed, whichever's closer. Till then, I'm just being a good girl. dammit.

teaching my kids to knit

I got two pair of these today at Michaels, I have a boat-load of acrylic worsted weight yarn, and the patience of a fruit fly. What else could I possibly need to teach my OWN two children to knit? Of course, I haven't been able to teach a normal adult to knit yet, so why not take on my own children? bwaa haa haa ha. pray for me. My kids have been begging to learn to knit "on needles" for a week or so now, so I guess it's time. I'm thinking we'll try for either a rectangle we can sew into a bean bag or a scarf if they have the patience. Actually, my children are ever so much more patient than I am. wish me luck.

I have a TON of cute ideas for my daughter to make as her knitting skills proceed, but am really low on ideas for boys. My son will NOT wear a sweater, already has one scarf made with camo-looking yarn and a lasso (same yarn braided and tied with a loop--sad, really), but I'm on the lookout for cool ideas for boys patterns--anything you've got. Let me know if anyone finds good stuff, I'd love a link or even a name & I can google to find it.

....and the addiction goes on....steak burrito bowl from chipotle with guacamole....well, it was just across the street from Michael's...ok, so not just across the street, but only about 4 stoplights and 2 turns and within the same general area, so who was I to resist the call? it was yummy. can you smell my breath from there? I'm truly scary now, but my belly's full and oh so happy.

The Chubby Chronicles continued

How happy are all of us that the days of the Cadbury Eggs are gone???? cripes. I got all motivated and pulled out my capri's from last year and guess what? none fit. I know, surprise, surprise. Apparently the 8 lbs I lost due to dehydration a couple of weeks ago came back with a vengeance and added some cadbury creme inches to the ol' thighs & hips. My butt getting bigger is not a problem. I like my big ol' butt. The rest of it makes it difficult to find clothes that fit a little waist, round butt, and BIG-ASS THIGHS & HIPS. I either look like a couple of sausages ready to burst from the denim casings screaming at the seams with pants that fit the butt & waist, or I wear a pair of pants that skim the big areas and have about 4-6" of gap at the waist. so you can see right on down the back unless I do the belt thing, which gives a most flattering bunch of puckers. Damn I'm hot. Back on the treadmill. I am not allowing myself access to any stores that may be selling discounted cadburys until the madness passes.

I'm now poor again. Story later. No knitting machine purchased for cranking out scarves & purses for the big sale. so sad. Once the tax refund comes in, I'm buying one. WHERE'S MY DAMN TAX REFUND????? I'm like that chic on the commercial that goes out and shakes the crap out of her mailbox each day..... but with better clothes. she looks like a bum. ok, I do too as I'm wearing my trusty holes in both knees jeans at work today. stylin. But I am having a great hair day, so it's all good.

I've become addicted to reading about these women finding crappy sweaters made of luxury yarns and frogging them and creating new masterpieces for little $$. I got inspired a while ago, found a tutorial that actually SUCKED, and ended up stomping on the sweater, cutting it into pieces, stomping again, and throwing it away, totally going against the idea of recycling and saving the planet and saving me $$ and all that. Well, here is the BEST TUTORIAL ON RECYCLING SWEATER YARN. I think I may even be able to try try again....

Hope my secret pal liked her gift, I haven't heard from her yet, will have to check in on her blog to see. I'm thinking of starting a KC blog ring. I love the KS blog ring too, but would be interesting to see what the local ladies are up to. We'd include the Lawrence ladies as well. Let me know if that sounds good to any of you locals.

High ho, high ho, it's back to work I whistling though.
Tomorrow's update will be on my encounters with men lately...."the battle of the metrosexuals." ick.

Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm heading over to the dark side....

OK, I've been reading plusses and minuses (ok praise and cursing) about those dang knitting machines. I LOVE the feel of hand knitting, I love the idea of creating something for someone I love with my two hands and putting that love into every stitch, even though that's sappy, it's calming and true. It's my little bit of zen in a crazy-ass-upside-down-world I live in. BUT.....I'm being tempted. A lot. I have some serious things to start cranking out for my little sale, but that is NOT happening since I keep finding all these other things I MUST make....

So I went over lunch and admired the bond-america's ultimate sweater machine. I know, I know, I know. It will drop stitches and be a pain in the butt, but it may also let me get some scarves & felted bags that are basic & simple done fast and allow me to have fun making things for little ol' selfish ME and my family by hand still. I figure I can buy it, if I don't like it, I'll return it. It seems to be what has happened with other machines people didn't like from JoAnn's before. BUT I don't have one of those damn 40% off coupons and I don't want to wait for it to come in the mail. You know me, NO PATIENCE WHATSOEVER... I do remember the JoAnn Etc. magazine has coupons in it, maybe I can find one in there, otherwise I'm going to try to buy one off an old lady for $20. It should still save me some serious cash.

I don't know I don't know I don't know....what the heck, we all know I'm buying the damn thing. I did win a few extra $$ at the casino throwing dice with the old men last Friday evening, so I may have to reward myself a bit.

Also, I felt like a new superhero this am....FREAKING SUPERMOM.... My two kiddo's changed their clothes with NO reminding, brushed teeth and found shoes all within about 15 minutes of getting up out of bed. I came out of the shower and they were little angels. I know, I was scared too. Anyway, after we head to the kitchen downstairs (I rent our basement walk-out apartment from my folks--poor little single-momma) for breakfast and there's no muffins or frozen waffles left and only the bottom-of-the-box cereals left. I had an inspiration. We had "surprise me cereal". What is surprise me cereal? It's a bowl full of everything you have left, therefore each bite is a surprise. Our selection this am was fruit loops, captain crunch, cheerios, kicks and trix all mixed in a bowl. Breakfast of champions. My kids have never asked for extras of cereal, normally it's whining and "awww mommmmm" etc. They were having a blast, shoveling it in and drinking up the nasty-looking milk afterwards.

Yes, I need a life that that's the highlight of my day.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

manos cotton stria crocheted flower scarf and belt

WOW, It sounds like a few of you are interested in this pattern. Man, they should be sending me a commission check or something! I got it at my LYS for $15.50, it just came in last week. I have googled and seen it for $13-18 plus shipping. Check your LYS or favorite online retailer. I've not bought many books online other than or amazon, so if you get a good deal somewhere, let me know and I'll post it here too.

Design Source Cotton Collection 2 for Manos Cotton Stria yarn

This is the first 8 sewn together, I really HATE finishing, but this is pretty easy to do. In the last 3 days, I've cranked out four sets of these colorful flowers, and I am going to take a break and actually KNIT something from the Felted Knits book I got from my Secret Pal and maybe start the multidirectional scarf I got as well, and then I'm going to do some flower scarves/belts in hot pink & black. I think they'd look cute.

OK, back to ranting.......
So, I go on a brownie field trip after school. I actually volunteered for one in APRIL that's for a musical show where the girls sit quietly in their seats, not this one, but I thought, what the heck, I'm a tough momma. We head down to the Discovery Center, this VERY COOL center with the Missouri Conservation District to do leaf prints. The instructions said to dress in old clothes as it would be messy for girls and for moms. First of all, the place is at 47th and Troost. For those of you non-KC-area readers, it's the edge of a not-very-nice area of town. We had a blast, made an absolute mess, and had a great time. The kids also made these SO COOL prints, I'm going to mat & frame them and I LOVE THEM, check it out below...
OK, the funny part, besides listening to the two snottier mommas talk about the best way to get there spending as much time possible in the Plaza on the trip and as little time on the actual Troost road, (the rest of us just drove there normally and no one was carjacked or mugged, we locked doors, rolled up windows and the like). NO, only in southern Johnson County do TWO of the moms wear their new fur coats. It did snow here last week, but it was 50 degrees outdoors this afternoon. I was cracking up. One lady at least took hers off and helped with the craft. The other one with some black & white fur jacket kept it on admidst all the paint, the mess and what-not even though it was SMOKING hot in the room. I thought to myself, man, if you have to work that hard to find a place to wear your new fur, you have GOT to get out more often. Even I could swing a dinner out or something better than a brownie paint adventure on Troost, but what the heck. Somehow the song..."Cruella DeVille....Cruella DeVille...." kept going through my head.

My children's masterpieces...They look kind of crappy here, but in person are cool, textured, watercolor-ish things that are amazingly different.

I really wanted to make one too, as they end up printing out on this big hand cranked old fashioned printing press, and it's on watercolor paper and looks like a real piece of art when done, but since the other moms were behaving themselves, I restrained myself. But I think I'm taking the kids back sometime so I can play too.

Yarn Harlot's NEW BOOK!

OK, I just read the review through the knitters review on this one and I'm BUYING IT!!!

, Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much, by the Yarn Harlot, aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, full of fun quotes and funny stories about yarn enhancement, her trials and triumphs and just looks like a BLAST! I can't wait to get mine!

OK, enough of a plug, but I think it's very cool that she was "discovered" because of her blog. It got her articles in various knitting mags and now a little book. YOU GO BLOGGING GIRL! Too freaking cool.

what a day I'm having

Well crap.

Fist the good stuff...I finally made myself sit my butt down and DO SOME FREAKING FINISHING...which I really DO NOT LIKE. I need to have a lady in waiting that brushes my hair, brings me iced tea and sews in all the ends on my knitting. I would have made a great rich old baron's wife back in the day...except I like flushing toilets and the great no-black-plague thing going on in the present day. Plus I probably would have been poor and had to spend my life sewing ends for some other rich biotch. ANYWAY, I got half of one of the flower scarves sewed together and ALL the ends weaved into those little flowers. I have been cranking out the flowers as they go SO FREAKING FAST! I think I'd like to have a ton for my sale in Sept as well as to give my daughter, myself and about 3 little cousins. busy busy busy...

Driving to work, listening to Green Day and Violent Femmes on the radio, head banging and having a good time, hit ALL green lights, NO traffic in my lane on the morning commute, even have some cute guy ask me to go ahead of him in line for my daily diet coke. Good times. I've even got good hair.

Get to work, OH I forgot to say...."and then there were 2". Miss Teresa has given her 2 weeks' notice as she's now got a real job, in sales, making lots of $$ and seeing actual people aboveground. Now it's just little ol' me and my assistant who only drives me crazy about 1/2 the time and the local boss. There's still two owners in FL, but they don't come up too often, so it's not too bad. Getting a little lonely in the dungeon. I am thinking they need to agree to letting me spend more time at home and less time down here, but I've got to come up with a convincing argument for that one. We'll see. It's so freaky, being in a place with 12 offices, about 12 cubicles and a big-ass lobby with four work stations in it and it's just us few people. AND NO SUNLIGHT...that's getting to me a bit.

BACK TO WORK, so our local boss has been talking about our health insurance, they won't talk to him as the controller was the contact set up and he's no longer with us (D-day and all that), so we don't exactly know if we HAVE insurance or not as they didn't send the bill and apparently there was a mix-up of some kind. great. I have more boobie-bumps that we need checking on, and just in case of a freakish accident I'd like to be able to receive medical attention from an actual hospital. I tried to call into the insurance company on the customer service line, just to verify I do have coverage and their system is down. great. I'll try again later. Bossman's not worried, there's a grace period, etc. Call me crazy, but I think I'd like a little verification of my own.

Didn't make it to the knitting group last night as the CF Walk organizational meeting went long. I was joking about my crazy riverman adventure and one of the other ladies had "pig farm duty" as a volunteer. I'm telling you, this race is COOL, too much freaking fun, like no other normal race I've been a part of! She and her hubby were stationed at a pig farm in the country and it was windy, dusty and smelly. Poor thing. I said, but don't you feel good at what you're doing for your son? She made a comment about how she would have smelled so badly even the riverman wouldn't have wanted her. Note to self, make sure to RUN the race next year and DO NOT do the pig farm leg. hah!

I'm off to work carefully so I don't get hurt until I find out about my insurance.... no more headbanging this am....

***update*** Just talked with UHC and we ARE still covered, thank God. Now I can drive on the slick wet roads for my chipotle steak burrito bowl and not worry too much!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Brew to Brew run Pics (knitters on the run)

I promise to post about actual yarn related topics soon! I will also post a link to the cool book that has the pattern for my flower scarf/belts I'm working on as well.

Here's the highlights of our Brew to Brew TEAM JOEY run benefitting Cystic Fibrosis research. Please click the itty bitty pics to see larger versions...

BEFORE the race, it's COLD outside and notice there's NO FREAKING OTHER PEOPLE AROUND???? That is because they already left for the race 15 minutes BEFORE me....hence, the getting lost....

What was my team doing while I was lost and running away from crazy river men? EATING AT MCD'S!!!

The Knitting Virgin herself at the end of the first leg, desperately wishing she would have run a little more and sat on her butt knitting a little less over the last month...The comment on the picture when it came to us this morning was "was lost, but now am found...was blind, but now I see...." smartasses

What's this? ANOTHER KNITTER RUNNING? Phuong, new to the craft, actually RAN her 5 mile leg and doesn't even look the worse for wear!

Here's Hien, showing off the fact that his chest is bigger than mine

Tina, finishing strong

I don't know this guy's name, but he's pretty to look at and he ran for Joey, so we are loving him

Miss Lili doesn't even look like she just ran 4 1/2 miles, does she??? She's going to be coming to our KC knitting group to learn to knit soon!

Jeff, what can I say? He climbed up & down riverbanks with a rope, rowed a boat across a river and STILL made it over some hills...What a stud!

Rich, master of all hills! Look at those legs. woo hoo!

This man started the morning at 5:30am eating pink zingers and drinking old flat beer....hold yourselves back ladies! Seriously cool man, though! Michael Sr. you ROCK!

Micheal, who started this great idea... and also was drinking flat beer at 5:30am, but pairing it with cigarettes and bananas instead of zingers. Michael is the husband of Huyen (new knitter who just learned how last week!).

The team at the end of the race, THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY LITTLE JOEY!!!

Aren't you glad there weren't any more runners???? Sorry for including all the pics here, but I just was so thankful for these great people!! There were about 2000 runners and we all raised a ton of $$$ for research for working to change "CF" from Cystic Fibrosis to "Cure Found"

My little Joey:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Post of NO substance whatsoever, all fluff and fun

NT square up closeN as in NORM
VR, SeattleGi

This was lifted from MamaCate, who found it on her friend Emma, who got it from her friend Kay, and it goes on and on...It's from Flickr. Click to go spell yourself!

How much am I getting accomplished tonight??? NOTHING, but am having fun checking out all the blogs I am addicted to...

Another quiz, this one I stole from Just One More Row.

You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.


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