Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I felt like a red-headed step-child

"The computer is down. I hope it's something serious."
--Stanton Delaplane

Man, today was just wierd at work. If I were a paranoid person I'd start working on the old resume, yeah, right, I'm paranoid about everything at work and I'm lazy, so will probably get fired and then have to scramble to find something... Man, everyone was touchy touchy touchy today. I quietly hid in my little coner office away from everyone and everything. The big bosses are stressed, the crabby people are seriously BITCHY and the crazies are crazier, and the hateful one was in rare form. I left to take my daughter to the dr. to make sure her head was ok after her little head injury incident and REALLY didn't want to come back. I started thinking they were going to fire me because not one of the owners would make eye contact or conversation with me, then I realized they're stressing all over and I'm too busy to fire now. They'd be smart enough to make me work my ass off first, THEN get rid of me when things settle down. Then I thought, who else would take this job at this pay???? no one. just little old me.

I'm stealing a pic from Steph's blog as I almost peed my pants when I was checking out this chic's drawings:http://www.nataliedee.com/

I am a dork, I'll admit it. I decided I want to keep a swatch of each of the items I knit along with my journal. Then I started looking at these boring little squares, thinking, I should make a miniature scarf of the pattern & yarn of each of the scarves I've made so far. Then I thought, how cute would it be to make a tiny little felted purse?? It would probably make me go insane creating it, but anyway the tiny little scarves are looking cute. I'll attach a pic later. I had an absolute blast and now my little girl wants Barbie scarves and my son wants a scarf for his stuffed Scooby Doo and "Cheetah" who is actually a leopard. I was just killing time as I didn't want to start up a new project while the kids were up and running around, so now our little stuffed animals will be ready for the big winter weather.

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