Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Knitted Bikini?? Are you kidding me??

You're not fat, you're in the wrong country."
--Denise Walker

OK, the only knitters I've met in KC are either older, a touch chubby, or men. Probably the combination of being the fattest city in America, bar-b-que, and sitting on our butts knitting and watching tv. Looking at magazines, books and all over the internet I keep seeing these knitted bikini patterns. I started thinking, just who the hell is skinny enough to wear one of those?? Are these chubby women (like me) getting a little too "knitters gone wild" and wearing these in public? Then I remembered the whole NYC area has all the trendy little knitting chics. I hate skinny, cute chics. Wish I was one, but they still just piss me off.

Nope, no bikini's are on the list of my knitting projects.

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