Friday, August 13, 2004

Nellies gone wild

Forgot to say Russell had the time of his life at the Barbie Convention in Chicago. OMG I guess the special convention entertainment on the last night was a trip. Bob Mackie is the guy who designs amazingly beautiful and EXPENSIVE collector barbies. He also does a lot of celebrities. He came out for a few minutes and spoke and then introduced two of his real-life models.

Dionne Warwick came out and sang a song, and the crowd went wild. You have to realize these people are seriously possessed women and very nelly gay men who spend all their money and all their energy finding, dressing, trading, etc. these barbies. It's like a cult. Addicting even for me and I have a few barbie accessories is all.

SO after the crowd went wild, and things went on, CHER came out and sang the Jack song from Will & Grace.... "If I could turn back time...." and Russell & Mark's table was right up by the stage. I guess she came striding down the stairs, put her arm on Russell's shoulder and sang into his face. Mark was doing his Cher impression, Russell was trying to breathe, and nellies were screaming and fainting to put the 60's fans of Elvis to shame. I would have paid any amount of money to see that. God, I am laughing just thinking about it. What a rush, I was so excited for Russell. It's even better than the Jack episode where he tells the real Cher to keep working on her impression...."If I could turn back time..."

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