Saturday, June 25, 2011

First day at the MakerFaire KC!

It was awesome. the end.

ok, I have actual photographic proof of the awesomeness. First of all, let it be noted that I was NOT the biggest redneck at the event. I was well behaved, dressed appropriately and my clothing matched. I only had a small tear in the side of my jeans.

Mark Smeltzer, member & creator in Experimental Instrument Orchestra. This group creates its own instruments out of found materials & junk and is AMAZING! The fiddle he was playing is made from one of those old tennis rackets that had the wooden frame screwed down, a pie plate and a bunt pan with some wires and a violin bow. unreal. They just returned from playing in LONDON! Crazy cool and very inspiring. PLUS he gave me some ideas for places to go & hang out and do some pickin (my banjo hillbilly was showin a bit I admit).

A car entirely covered in BOTTLECAPS in an artful, creative manner. I'm totally going to start saving my bottlecaps now. What a great excuse to have a cold one!

A robotman doing the robot dance and pulling his battery power on the cart behind him. Awesome. I missed photos of Ironman and the bad guy from Ironman (what is he called, rustman?) They were amazing.

But I did happen to catch this action shot of someone's cute kid being detained by some Storm Troopers & Boba Fett.....

ok, that is my kid. Good thing there wasn't any carbonite around.

Here's my booth shots:

Oh yeah, FIBER & YARN were there too! Sorry, got no photos of the important stuff. I did happen to find a few braids & batts from these vendors. I promise photos tomorrow. There was an amazing booth of fiber & yarn & drop spindles & spinners spinning for Nerd Girl Yarns and Traci Bunkers had a sweet booth Bonkers too!

We'll be at Union Station (KC, MO) tomorrow from 10am-6pm. Come and say hi! I'm the first booth of the inside vendors.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MakerFaireKC! #makerfairekc woo hoo!

I can't WAIT! The countdown is on!! I'm a maker at the MakerFaireKC this weekend, June 25-26th at Union Station in KC, MO! YAY! There's inventors, bakers, candlemakers, science things, printers, crafters, basically anyone that MAKES and is creative will be representing at the fair. It's $12/person to get in the door, but there's discount tickets available online. click HERE for the discount link. There's bands playing and even a hydrogen powered fuel cell car! Come say howdy and if you tell me you read my blog, I'll give you a freebie.

I'll have my handspun yarn & hand dyed fiber & knitting patterns, but am branching out to reach a wider audience with this show. I've been crocheting my arse off and now have 117 felted flower pins/barettes and 22 felted flower headbands along with a ton of cool handmade gift tags for crafters to put on their handmade gifts. I've also got some fun yarn and fiber journals as well.

Here's a shot of the latest batch of flowers in the washing machine before they get felted. (I use my last two pairs of skinny jeans as felting tools now)

My fabulous display of felted flower headbands is below.

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