Saturday, February 26, 2011

more fibery fun

Strawberry Vanilla Sherbert Superwash Merino

Grape Cherry Bubblegum

Royal Mohair

This one I just spun up but it's soaking in a bowl of warm water with wool rinse. SO, finished photos tomorrow maybe.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Changes....

I will soon have much more time to devote to all things fiber and much less money in which to do that devoting. :) I'm also going to have to change my description on ravelry & etsy. I'm no longer "a good little corporate drone that dreams of playing with fiber all day long." Or at least SOON I will be no longer a good little corporate drone....

It's all good. It's just sudden and freaky and HOLY CRAPAMOLY-ish and all that.

SO, in the meantime, I've decided to ramp up the old TreasureGoddess etsy shop. Here's a few shots of things to put put up there soon...

Silk/Alpaca/Superfine Merino wool roving hand dyed by TreasureGoddess (2 lbs)

Hand Dyed 1001 yards of merino/silk laceweight in Pale Peacock Colorway

Twurple Hand Dyed Sockyarn Teal + Purple = Twurple

Newest curtains :) Superwash Merino...8 sets of 8 oz glorious hand dyed spinning fiber!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Ennea Collective issue is LIVE, YAY!

AAAANNNNDDDDDD I have a pattern in there too! I have to say, it's one of my all time favorites. I love a delicate lace pattern in heavier yarn. My favorite part is that it's totally reversible! WOO HOO! Please check out the magazine. This is the 3rd issue and there's some seriously cool stuff in there! Articles, patterns, even tips on weaving.

Lattice Ladders Scarf in Ennea Collective and here's the link to the ravelry page Lattice Ladders Scarf on Ravelry. I'd have to say I'd be your best friend forever if you went and hearted it on ravelry..... I'm such a beggar. Only heart it if you actually like it.

Here's a few photos. PS, the yarn ROCKS. It was all handspun from fiberTERIan. Thanks, my friend! She's opening a ravelry shop soon with amazing handspun yarn too, I'll post links once she's in business!

OK the last one you can hardly SEE the scarf. It's the infinity scarf version, wrapped double around as a super cowl. I had to include it as my hair looks fabulous. It NEVER looks like that. *sigh*

The scarf is a fast knit, looks way more complicated than the simple pattern actually is and is FUN! Thanks to the ladies at Ennea Collective for including my design.

PS, there's some seriously cute patterns in this issue. There's a hat that's on my list plus some amazing lace cowls... Check it out! Ennea Collective Online Magazine

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet mother, someone stop me!

Have you knit up Shaelyn? A beautiful and FUN knit shawl by Leila Raabe.

I knit one out of some beautiful fingering weight Kauni I had in the stash. Then I immediately cast on for another one out of the rest of the ball. I fell a little short, so ended with 6 rows (3 ridges) of garter stitch and then did my version of a super stretchy bindoff. VERY LOOSELY, I knit one, then slipped that stitch to the left needle. Then I knit two stitches together, then slipped THAT stitch to the left needle. Keep on keepin' on in that way until you're across the whole shawl.

The colors were fabulous and Leila gave little hints of how to count your stitches so you don't even have to LOOK at the pattern. That rocked. It's been a stressful few days at Chez Weasley (everything's fine, just a lot of various crap to deal with). These shawls have been blessings to me. I do have to say it took EVERY part of my willpower not to run out and buy another skein of Kauni to finish the shawl...and THEN there'd be even MORE yarn left get where I'm going with this, right? I saw a whole army of Shaylyn shawls! oh man, I STILL want to go buy more yarn. I wonder how this would look in a lovely solid? I happen to have some orange opal that is calling my name.....

Luke.....there is....another......Skywalker...Shaelyn.....

(The unblocked 2nd Shaelyn.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Vicki

Remember that post a while back? The one about how you should think about your yarn in case something happens to you? Well, I am the recipient of some lovely yarn and a knit sweater from a local knitter that recently died. I'm so very honored to have been on her list. Vicki Stopple was an amazing knitter. Technically she was unstoppable. Cables, lace, colorwork, intricate sweaters, amazing. Beyond the knitting, she was a lovely woman, kind and funny. I'm proud to have known her a little bit.

I remember my first few meetings at the Sunflower Knitters Guild. I went to the morning meetings first and was very timid and quiet. YES I WAS TOO! I was a brand new knitter and not actually sure if I'd be allowed at the meeting and scared to bits that I'd have to prove my knitterly skills. Needless to say, the women there were welcoming, kind and funny. Vicki was thoughtful and kind and cracked me up too. She died recently and asked that some of her yarn, books and sweaters be distributed among a few of us lucky ones.

I'm honored to be able to knit with her yarn. I've got plans for socks for my kids, a scarf or two and hats galore. I think she'd like to know that my family will be kept warm by her kind gift.

The most amazing part of all? One of her sweaters, a lovely in-progress cardigan, fits me like it was KNIT just for me. I absolutely love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's a simple garter stitch rib, one of my favorite simple yet classy stitch patterns. I actually just finished a pair of legwarmers using that very same stitch. I need to weave in a few ends, decide if I want to put on buttons or a zipper closure and it's good to go. I actually wore it for two days with all the ends hanging out as I was just so touched.

Thank you Vicki. Your kindness touched my soul. I feel better about the day when I leave my yarn to my friends. Much like those that get more than just warmth from prayer shawls, I feel like I've received way more than just yarn and a sweater. Each stitch I make with this yarn will include good thoughts for the woman that gave me the yarn and the people I'm knitting for.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wool you be my Valentine?

Ok, I totally stole that woolly valentine from Handmade By Mother but could you blame me? Isn't it amazingly cool? Also, you totally need to check out Handmade by Mother. She finds the most craptastical crocheted & knitted patterns that boggle the mind. I have to say I'm a fan of her Valentine project. Not only is the acrylic crocheted heart vest enough to make you shiver, the model has LESS of a chest than I do. (something that's hard to find). Now, not having a chest does mean you use less yarn on sweaters...good things, but makes it difficult to fill out a swimsuit top. (especially if anyone had *cough* crocheted a bikini out of suede yarn. *cough* *cough*).

ANYWAY, Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. And to all you over-achieving-moms that made your own valentines by hand, caligraphy penned them, hand made the cookies, candies and gifts for the teachers....(oh crap! totall forgot about the teacher's gift. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!) I have to salute you. I truly do. I did, actually print out valentines for my son from the computer and he cut them out. We stapled a piece of halloween candy on the back of each one. That's handmade and crafty, right? And our kids are still eating that halloween candy, so I'm sure it's still good. I was feeling quite GUNG HO SUPERMOMMISH until Joe asked at 7:14am (we leave the house at 7:16am) what about his valentine box? CRAP! SUPERMOM to the RESCUE! I just happened to have cleaned out my desk at work and FINALLY brought home this amazing red, fancy gift box that I was going to use to package up a Christmas present home..... Dumped it out (there may or may not have been YARN in there)...handed to him and we ran out the door. Sweet. I'd EVEN saved these cute puppy & kitten fake tattoo's in little cute boxes for my daughter to use for her friends. Cheerleader at the middle school now, so all things "cute" are cool now. As she was hopping out of the truck she said, "um, MOM, did you realize these dogs & cats are all in PUMPKINS?" decided to pass on handing out of cute tattoo's after all.

SO. Business as usual at Chez Weasley. Christmas Box for Valentine's Day at the elementary school and Halloween treats at the middle school... Life would be so much simpler if everyone just wanted yarn. Yarn is the EVERY SEASON gift.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coils and KAWS and MAWS, Oh My!

I'm busy busy busy spinning up a TON of coils handspun art yarn! Why? Well, because I'm teaching at KAWS in April! WOO HOO! Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners has their annual retreat/festival/fiber fest in Manhattan, KS this year, hosted by MAWS (Manhattan Alliance of Weavers & Spinners). WOO HOO!

I'll be teaching techniques for knitting with art yarn and selling at the vendor market too! YAY! The class is called "Getting Looped with Art Yarn" and will cover 3 basic techniques for working with coils, puffs, granny stacks and other funky fun yarny things. The classes look amazing, all types of fibery fun. I just hope to not spend all my vendor table profits on more yarn & fiber to take home just for ME!

Click HERE for info on the conference and class schedule.

PS, I'm going to switch my Sophisticated Coils Art Yarn Hat pattern from FREE to a charge on March 1st. If you'd like it FREE, please download & save/print it out now. Click HERE to download it from ravelry or click HERE for a non-ravelry free download.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

it may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a zoo to keep me warm

When it's -2 F outside, I need to get some critters involved. I was toasty warm on my way to work today. Wearing a 1950's mink stole over my head, my down coat, alpaca gloves, wool sweater, merino socks and leather cowboy boots. That plus a seat heater in the truck created pure heaven. Of course, I did get a few "looks" in the elevator.

Later as the day warmed up, I fashioned myself a mink collar (folded the stole in half) and looked much more respectable. It made me feel like a fancy lady, like I should be wearing dresses like Lucy Ricardo and cooking roast for Sunday dinner. *sigh* PS, check out my new smile! I can't recommend my new dentist enough. THEY ROCK! Their theme is "We Cater to Cowards." Sign me up. Many crowns & bridges later, I have some beautiful normal non-hillbilly teeth. Yup. Fancy schmancy fur collar wearin normal teeth! If you're in the KC area, look them up. They do plain old dentistry up to reconstructive surgery (like me). AND they have massage chairs.
KC Dental Arts. My dentist is Dr. Bowen, but all 3 are highly recommended.

Ah well. This is a FIBER blog, right? Sorry about that. Here's a little bit of thick & thin handspun. Warm, woolly and wonderful. Can't you just see that as a snuggly classy cowl?

PS, for dinner we had hot dogs rolled up in crescent rolls. But when you dine with mink on, it's fancy. :)

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