Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday, August 14, 2004

"Your life story would not make a good book. Don't even try."
--Fran Lebowitz

That's why God invented Blogs. Ok, HE didn't invent them, but where else could we all record a history of our mundane lives and get addicted to following along with others' boring life stories also?

SO, spent most of last night out at 90th St. and Parallel Parkway in good old KCK. Nope, wasn't pulling in $$ by hooking, my daughter was on her first "big girl" sleep-over party out at the Great Wolf Lodge with her best friend Imory and her mom. They went out about 3pm and at 7pm, Beth was walking along next to one of the indoor pools and slipped and fell straight back on her head. I guess the life guard saw it happen and was immediately keeping her still and applying ice and all that. She said she thought she felt ok, they went back to the hotel room and she couldn't see and started violently throwing up. Her mom called me and she said she had the nurse on staff check her out and Beth needed to get to the hospital. SO, shortened version is I made it across town and through construction and was from my door to the ER at Providence in 13 minutes. I don't think that is humanly possible, but it was amazing. I was careful, not to worry, but I hauled serious ass and the big guy (or more likely his momma Mary as she was always the concerned mom) up in heaven got all the old people and idiots out of my way and I was able to fly. SO, turns out the poor little thing had a pretty serious concussion. They did a cat scan of her head and she had very minimal swelling, and after a couple of hours she could focus her eyes again. She knew where she was, and who she was, but other than that the little thing was so pale and had these big black shadows all over her face. It was freaky. She ended up having to get shots in both legs (at the same time) to stop the barfing. After that, she was pretty much ok and passed all their neurological tests and we went on home. The trip home was much more careful and it took 42 min's. For the next couple of days she just has to lie around and rest.

Mom offered to take her after the early dismissal on Monday to save my ass at work. I can't imagine telling them I'm taking part of another Monday off. They'd think I was the smart one and interviewing. NOPE, I've just got kiddos that are having a rough time lately. I don't have the energy to start looking. I'd love to have a great job offer, but then I'd probably have to work a lot harder. I kind of like being left alone. I love that I'm not micro-managed. Pretty much I just have to do my job, check in once a week and keep out of the line of fire. I hate the crazy people, the evil attitude that permeates the very recycled basement air we breathe and the LOW pay (even though the owners keep telling me how generous they are--I just don't think they realize that in this century, educated analysts in KC area are paid $40-75K. $40 being WAY above me right now.) I shouldn't be surprised, but still I'm kind of disappointed. I mean, one of our owners uses a printer that takes 8 hours (i kid you not EIGHT hours) to print off her weekly reports we send down rather than spend $50 for a new one that would zip them out in minutes. I guess the standard of using things until they don't work any more has served them well, I mean they vacation all the freaking time in Australia, the Bahamas, fly whenever and where-ever in style, so the poor little single-mamma should learn something from them, but I STILL need more money to survive much longer. Heck, I throw away a pot when it looks a little too crusty to get clean. (that's when I actually USE a pot for something that resembles cooking I guess)

Guess I'll have to pull my head out of my butt and start working on the resume and crap. Maybe later.

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