Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Later Monday

"It is better to be a bad original than a good copy."
--The Marquise du Defand

Got the scanner to work, but the software to crop and make things all pretty SUCKS and it won't work....here's the pic's of my not-quite-ready-to-felt party purse to be: for other knitting virgins like me, it will be soft and fuzzy and look totally different when it's felted, can't wait!

Here's the scarf for Jildo. I'm almost done and so excited. It really looks better in person than on my scanner, so don't be worried Jildo!

I'm so addicted to this knitting thing. It seems I'm also what's known as a knitting snob as I am obsessed with petting all the pretty fibers in the knitting shop. I'm like a junkie, good thing I'm POOR! Oh well, until I finish these projects and the other scarves I've got started for the kids I can't add to the stash. MAN I can't wait until I can make sweaters, there are so many cute designs I'm dying to try!

Sad thing that the highlight of the day at work was my triumph over the roly polies. Another one bites the dust at work. One of the pretty good admin ladies put in her 2 DAY notice today. That area was the one we just lost the newest hire, things are gonna get stressful around there, but I'm staying OUT of it. The few good people are looking (and finding) better paying jobs elsewhere with people that are not evil, bitter, soul-sucking employees to work with. I mean, where else can I work that I get in trouble for putting the roll of toilet paper on backwards???? That's pretty unique. Sad, but true.

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