Thursday, June 29, 2006

gossamer fairy guts

I recently joined a shawl yahoo group and stated that I was trying to make this VERY COOL Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl by Sarah Bradberry out of my laceweight hand-painted silk on sz 10 needles. One sweet knitter replied that it must look like gossamer fairy wings done with those choices. Let's just say it didn't QUITE turn out that way. About 50+ rows in, it resembled gossamer fairy guts. frog city. I really REALLY want to make that shawl, but I think it would be much prettier in a sport-weight yarn.

SO I'm determined to wear something around my shoulders while I'm on the beaches at Maui this fall, and what better than my sunset-colored silk yarn? dammit! SO I left on a mission and found a new pattern that was actually written for laceweight or sportweight and I think it's a MUCH better first big ass shawl for me than going off pattern yet. (I'm such a follower I NEED the direction). I cast on and made it through 29 rows of Fiber Trends' Shoalwater Shawl and it's a pleasure to knit. I am enjoying the heck out of it. I'm not going all brave and reading the chart included, no, not yet. I'm following line by line the written instructions on this baby. I don't have quite enough yarn (about 200 yds shy) so I figure I'll just try to stop earlier and then do the little picot cast off which looks like a BIOTCH to do, but I know where to find some of you experienced knitters to beg a mini lesson from. bwa ha ha haaaaa!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I am turning into quite the happy little home-maker

Seriously, who is this woman? She cooks! She knits! She crochets! She gardens! She even got out her sewing machine! Don't worry all, she also drinks, curses and pouts. She's a well rounded individual.

In one week I have made chicken enchiladas, lasagne (the shorter version), sloppy joes and had the man grill burgers and steaks. We even had a leftover night. I have never in my entire 37 years of existence had enough actual dinner material to have a leftover night. It was quite impressive. The man does most of the house cleaning (even scrubs showers!) so I'm able to pick the things I enjoy and do them.

Here's some pics of the little flower box in our front yard. I have an herb garden. I don't actually know what the heck to DO with them yet, but I have been picking mint leaves and adding them to my tea and think I need to get a good recipe for mint julep drinks and have them on our new screened-in back porch that the honey has almost finished building. It's freaking wonderful sitting out there reading the paper in the cool of the morning.

Here's my ONE BLOOM of the four big gerbera daisy plants that's still standing in the yard:

Our rabbit population is enjoying biting the heads off my damn flowers. Most of my plants look like this, green globs with stems sticking up.

Here's part of my super hardy double knockout rose bush.

And lest you think I haven't been's some baby bibs. Click the image to see a close-up version.

I've also gotten busy on my somewhat cowl and have it ready to switch to size 4 circs to do the waist ribbing, but have no size 4 needles. cripes. THEN I left the damn thing over at Jeff's cousin's house where we went for a kid's one year old swimming birthday party (where his cousin saw me quietly knitting while everyone else is just sitting around after we ate and said "what is this, like an addiction for you?") So, no pictures of that. I'm heading over this afternoon to pick it up as well as stopping by the LYS to get a new circ. I have those denise interchangeable things, but they only go down to 5s. I still have to pick up stitches and knit the neckline and sleeves and waist ribbing, but I'm hoping to be wearing it soon!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Funniest damn thing I've seen. seriously

OH you need to go here and see this guy Judson Laipply's evolution of dance! You won't be sorry. Some serious flashbacks to the music came to me.

swimsuit shopping, oh the fun!

Well, I waited too long and now all the cute suits that cover and push and pull your body without looking like a grandma suit or a fat hooker suits are all gone from Target. damn. Now it's only XXL tops and S bottoms available. hmmmmmm. Not on this body. I went and found my Prevention magazine's swimsuit issue, and they do have a cute site where you can find suits to flatter your flaws and try them on virtually on a model you create. Prevention's Virtual Swimsuit The site is pretty cool, but it mostly gives you ideas of where to start.

I found my digital camera AGAIN and have now made a special spot for it. cripes. I'm like a little old lady with no memory left. I PROMISE to take pics this weekend as I've been cranking along on my baby bibs and such. I got tired of my cotton binge and thought I'd go back to the good stuff and work a bit on my somewhat Cowl sweater, and OH how I've missed my pretty alpaca yarn. Cotton can be so rough....nothing sweeter than a bit of fluffy soft baby alpaca running through your fingers. Ahhhhhh

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

fun little post

From Vicki's post with a fun idea...

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me - it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you. So, any takers?

I'm totally overthinking myself on those damn baby bibs. I got too smart and thought I'd just knit the ends right in as I attached them all...I then realized that the little nubby ends poke through both sides as they get worn and washed. well crap. frogged again. I have reserved myself to just weaving in the damn ends and it's not that big of a dang deal. Get over it. It's still the cutest dang bib and I still do NOT have any pictures. One of the other knitters from our Sunflower Knitters Guild (Laura maybe? I'm so bad with names) said she had a pattern for a cute cotton hat that looked like a flower with little petals hanging down and she got it at the studio, so I may have to find that to go with the little bibs. HOW cute is that? (btw, these are not being knit for actual babies...I just thought they were cute as heck and I never have baby gifts ready when I need them.)

I exercised again today (didn't make it to Jazzercise, but did do a workout video and sweat off some poundage.) I made it through ONE and ONE HALF days of eating sensibly. Dang late nights kill me. Damn snickerdoodle cookies. Did better today, starting over.

Think I'll cast on again for a shawl with my new hand-dyed laceweight 100% silk stuff. Does that sound stupid to make a shawl out of stuff that is pretty much not wearable in any unusual weather? What else would you do with 1000+ yards of silk?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Let me just say....YARN CRAWL!!!

OH I had a good time! The Sunflower Knitters' Guild went yarn crawling from about 9am till about 5pm on Saturday! I'd love to say I had pictures to share, but remember how proud of myself I was that I found my lost digital camera? Well, when I cleaned the house for the big family dinner last week it got put somewhere that hasn't been found yet. Ah well. I spent too much money and had a great time! I will at least run over to mom & dad's and scan my goodies so you may drool electronically with me! Let's just say I got something at each place we shopped....Knit Wit in Olathe, Yarn Shop & More in OP, Lunch at a heavenly pizza cafe outdoors in the breeze, Cottage Knits in Mission, and ended the day at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence. Seriously, I've got to show you what I bought!

I'm on a new mission, ok, a not-so-new mission, but THIS TIME I'm SERIOUS! I've got about 90 days before this red-headed WHITE WHITE WHITE pale-skinned chic is going to be on the BEACH in HAWAII with my kids. I'm NOT going to be all icky in my photos, no. I've decided to use this excuse as my last ditch to get my butt in shape. quite literally get this butt of mine and the thighs attached to it in swimsuit shape. To look at me from the waist up, you'd think "oh that silly Christine, she's a skinny little thing..." (the waist up I'm a size 4-6). Let's just say below the waist I blossom into a size 12+, and I just found out my bmi or whatever percentage your fat is is over 33%. SO, let's just make this story shorter and say I'm on a mission to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. I'm so serious I even took before pictures. (before I lost the damn camera). I even made it to Jazzercise where I saw TERESA! WOO HOO lady you worked us HARD! I wasn't the only one sweating buckets, everyone in there was panting and working it! You are such the pro, I'd never know you just started teaching!

SO, back to knitting...I cast on and frogged and re-cast on and frogged again for a shawl with some hand-dyed silk I picked up at Cottage knits Sat. night, got too frustrated and decided for a "quick knit" and started the world's cutest cotton baby bib that looks like a little flower from a book I picked up One Skein. (buy it from Amazon as it's hard to find in the shops and is MUCH cheaper than the $19.99 I paid for mine) This little thing is adorable. I did finally get it figured out and knit, but there was some cursing involved as it was a gigantic pain in the ass rather challenging with short rows, wrapped stitches, hiding those wrapped stitches, attaching an i-cord (actually VERY cool to do) and TWELVE freaking yarn ends to weave in all on this cute little thing. TWELVE YARN ENDS. The first one I actually had to pay attention and count and crap, which I was knitting while talking with 6-10 yr old children on a boat in the middle of the lake of the ozarks and imbibing a few strawberry margaritas, so let's just say I knit the damn thing about 3 times before I got it figured out. NOW I'm just whipping those puppies out. I promise to scan a pic.

Jeff job update. We talked a bit more and he's decided to go for a career change and is applying for jobs and my dad's got some influence so we're using his connections as well, and things are much less stressful around here. Jeff actually took Joey to the lake on Sat. morning with his boys so I would have the whole day to go hang with my knitty people and have a breather. It was wonderful. I went down Sunday morning, had a day and night of lake-ishness, just about enough for me, and Joey and I came home today. The boy has learned that when I get overly pissy and stressful, he sends me out to do something with "those knitter people you go hang out with." I need to do more hanging out with knitter people as it is good for the soul.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm gonna Jaywalk it!

Yes, yes, I am aware that everyone on the face of the earth has probably already made jaywalker socks, but dammit, I just decided I needed to make them. You know that antsy-pantsy can't sit still don't wanna knit anything you got going on don't like what's on tv don't wanna do ANYTHING ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH kind of feeling? (humor me if you don't). For some reason the fact that it's 90+ degrees and about 80% humidity made me think of how I need wool socks. Pretty, sassy, obnoxious wool socks. It makes perfect sense to me. So last night in a fit of agitation I cast on and started off. No gauge was made, but I measured one of my in-progress-forever socks that I had almost to the toes and used the same dpns and yarn (opal handpainted LOVING that stuff!) and started in. I have heard a lot of bitching about people's socks being too small, so I'm making the bigger size. If they're too small on me I'll either frog them and start over after much cursing or I will just give them to my daughter. "Yes, dear, I made them just for YOU!" Anyway, I'm highly enjoying them. Have I said how much I love Magknits? Thank you thank you thank you for coming out MONTHLY! LOVE that!

Well, Jeff had another NYC interview with another water chemical company to do regional sales. I meant to write something yesterday but the blog entry was so long (hard to imagine me rambling on, isn't it?) that I thought that would be cruel. Plus, I had a feeling that something just wasn't right anyway. SO, the boy gets all gussied up, flies off to the big city at 5am, comes home in the same day at about 11:30pm (long day) and is not so excited about this company either. Apparently the owner didn't answer all of Jeff's questions to HIS satisfaction. I'm like, "um, sweetie" (see how supportive I can be?) "in an inteview, the OWNERS of the company interview YOU, not the other way around." Not in Jeff-world. In Jeff-world, Jeff interviews the employers and decides if they suit his purposes before we even begin to be nice. hm...k...well... I knit the CRAP out of my sock rib let me tell you. After some discussion we realize that Jeff isn't really WANTING a job now. I understand that. Really I do. BUT though he has money put away to last him until the end of the summer, you can't wait until then and expect the perfect job to just *poof* appear in front of you at the perfect time, ready to pay you well and let you work out of the house on your own schedule....can't you just see my little size 2 wooden toothpicks SMOKIN here?

Basically we talked it out and I did NOT put down the needles. He realized he's looking for more jobs in a field he hates, so it's probably not a good idea to continue that. We're going to look at another area of the science field and he's excited about that. I've volunteered to do the backup work if he'll give me a list of companies he'd like to work for and then we can move on from there.

I swear I was so freaking stressed out last night, if I didn't have those needles in my hands I probably would have been a screaming tearful mess of a thing. Somehow having the concentration of those little sticks and yarn kept me sane and grounded. I was able to COMMUNICATE and I think we even made some progress, but time will tell. Thank God for knitting. Oh, and Mike's Hard Limeades. especially that. Amen.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

WOW it's been a whole week, where has the time gone?

Jeez. Life got nutty there, I know, I know imagine that...

First of all, PICTURE TIME! Yes, I FOUND the camera AND then found the battery charger and THEN found the cord to plug the damn thing into the computer. No, none of those things were in the same boxes, that would have made SENSE!

We've had family reunions out the wazoo lately, one more big one to come in July at Mom & Dad's lakehouse and we're about done. These are a few pics from Jeff's mom's side of the family reunion. We had a blast! First, I was VERY proud of my beer bread and spinach dip (Tastefully Simple mixes from my cousin, TELL me if you want some of this amazing stuff!) OH MY GOD I totally impressed the family! Every bite was eaten! One bottle of beer poured into the mix, stir for 30 sec's and toss into the oven for HEAVEN!!! That's the latest foulard in progress next to my tray. I am not only a dork, but a multitasking dork!

Jeff and I never do get pictures of us together, so I tried for some that day. We had FOUR taken in a row. This was the best of the bunch, we went through one where I looked like the wicked witch, one where Jeff looked to be grunting in pain, one which was just plain u.g.l.y. and this is what was left.

Joey had fun running around with Jeff's cousins' kids. Remember these old third-degree-causing lead-paint peeling slides from our childhoods? MAN those were the days!

We've had family in town, my wild aunt Dot, otherwise known as the Knitress! My other knitting relative, woo hoo! She is a trip! We compared notes and admired and oohed and aahed appropriately and had a blast! I think I got her hooked on the clapotis and she had a tank top I could DIE for! We hosted a big ol' family dinner last night and had a BLAST! We'd not done an official "welcome to OUR home" thing since Jeff & I officially moved in until now. I got hit with a big ol' migraine the day before, so was moving very slow and still couldn't bend over or pick up anything heavy until late yesterday evening. Jeff was a doll, vacuumed the whole house, picked up and finished moving furniture, basically worked his ass off and put Joey to work as well. It was sweet. My cousin's husband and Jeff were even DOING THE DISHES afterwards while we sat and chatted with our aunts and Joey ran around catching lightning bugs with the kids. Good times! My cousin & her family, my brother, his wife & baby, 2 aunts and Jeff and Joey and I. It was a house full! It's so cool having this KC outgrowth of family! LOVE THAT!

On knitting news, I was just ready to start the handles on this felted purse I'm making out of cascade. I actually FROGGED AND REKNIT the top half of it to get it "just so" since I read the pattern wrong. I kept telling myself, MAN this is awfully floppy & loose gauge, MAN....... FINALLY figured it out...can you guess it? KNIT ENTIRE PURSE WITH TWO STRANDS OF YARN HELD TOGETHER. crap crap CRAP! I am the queen of felting and thought of many ways to avoid reknitting the whole damn thing...make another one slightly smaller, whip stitch them together...etc. but I spent $50 on some stinking shelled bead things to stitch to the damn thing and I really like the look of the bag the way it's supposed to be, so I'm just sticking it into the chest and gonna frog it again later. damn damn damn. Back to some cotton dishcloths to cool my mind.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Karma can bite you in the butt

SO, guess who's going through a nasty breakup, heartbreak, and probably divorce? My ex-hubby. I got a call from him yesterday pouring out his heart and just sobbing. I really felt bad for him. She's fallen in love with an old flame through internet and chat rooms and loves her hubby (my ex) but loves this other man too, needs to find herself, clear her head, etc. (for those of you that don't know my life history, I was just starting my 8th month of a high-risk pregnancy where I was in early labor and bedrest and COULD NOT GET STRESSED OUT OR I'D POP BACK INTO FULL LABOR when I was sat down and told it wasn't my fault I wasn't as interesting or pretty as my husband's girlfriend--from the internet--, it wasn't my fault I was fat & didn't have the long legs, long hair and pleasing personality....etc. etc. and that he loved me but.... bullshit) ANYWAY, the man was sobbing to me what she told him which was WORD FOR WORD the same crap he gave me way back when. He really is having his heart broken and it's sad. I liked this chic, she's good to my kids and pretty good to him. I think he finally grew up and was becoming a good husband and father and got his heart tramped on. My daughter's out there in the middle of all this crap, but seems to be doing ok. They're staying with his folks for now. I have my fingers crossed for him, but it doesn't sound good. The irony of the situation didn't occur to me until I got off the phone. I didn't point out the irony since I'm not totally evil. Karma. don't mess with it.

Got tired of knitting beautiful amazing creations, so I pulled out some old peaches & cream worsted weight cotton from the craft store stash of long ago and knitted a couple of the lion brand dishcloths. I am loving them, now I can USE my knitting on a daily basis. It feels good. It's a cute pattern, 2 rows of knit 2 rows of k1,p1 with a 2 stitch knit border all around. It turned out quite textural and should be good for scrubbing and hold up well. First I cranked out a crocheted granny square dishcloth from a pattern on the yarn ball. It made up in a couple of hours, but was quite flimsy and don't think it'll last long. Knitted Dishcloths. It's a good thing. Damn I miss my Martha. I'm gonna have to find out if her show's still on in the afternoons or not.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm back

Whew. Tired ass out. Couldn't get onto blogger for anything last Friday, so just gave up and headed out of town.

Family reunion out camping at Lake Webster in Western Kansas with my dad's side of the family (aka the Calmer side of the family) and Jeff went along with Joey and I. Sent my daughter out with her dad to New Mexico on Friday morning at 7:15am. We'll see her again in 5 weeks. It's a heck of a long time, but she usually has a good time and Joey always gets to do special things as well, so it shouldn't be too terrible. It still sucks, though.

What a great weekend! Four and a half hours of knitting time on the way out was wasted making more of my plastic canvas camper-looking coasters for the various uncles & aunts but we ended up not needing them done until Christmas now. Ah well, I would've just put them off until then and freaked out during my prime-Xmas-gift-knitting-and-not-sleeping-time anyway. So, I did get some knitting time in the afternoons and evenings and on the way home when I wasn't sleeping. I now have another half of a foulard done (still the coolest pattern I've ever seen, you get to cram this beautiful shawl into a cute little knitted bag, carry it around in your tote and then shake it out and voila, beautaceous shawl appears...kinda reminds me of those old plastic folded things my grandma used to make me put on my head whenever it rained and we went outside, remember those little folded up packages?)

Anyway, tips for camping.....ALWAYS ALWAYS look down before you sit on a camp toilet. Don't just look down, PICK UP THE LID and look down. Big ass hairy spiders like to sit just below the rim. Good to know. Tip this looking when your small child isn't close enough to SEE the big ass spider or the boy will NOT sit down the rest of the weekend. Good thing he was a boy and could stand to pee or we'd have had a serious situation on our hands. Let's just say we stopped about 3 times on the way home to unload his system and leave it at that. We ATE and ATE and ATE (man my aunts can COOK! and those uncles can deep fry and smoke turkeys like NOBODY's business!) and drank and played cards and sat around. GOOD TIMES! Jeff seemed to fit right in, so that was a plus too! We take over a whole area of the camp site, ranging from the amazing super-campers with fireplaces, air conditioning, cable tv, etc to the old time campers that are doing good to get there, to tent alley. We were in tent alley, but Jeff's tent was like a mansion. We had all kinds of room and a nice breeze blowing through and almsot NO bugs made it in.

Got to run, SHOOT! I just forgot this am was the Sunflower knitters guild meeting, dang. I'll try to make the evening one.

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