Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ulgy doesn't block out....

I think at some point I need to realize that I was NOT meant to have an orange sweater. The current pile above is a Snow White in progress. Pattern is beautiful, yarn is NOT the right thing for this pattern, I'm almost entirely sure. But not totally sure. The yarn is lovely, a slightly thick & thin & nappy Noro Cash Iroha, soft and luxurious. It just is....well....turning out to be more of a Cinderella's ugly stepsister sweater than the beautiful Snow White sweater it was supposed to resemble.

I pulled this mess out of a bag at the back of the yarn stash and figured it was the perfect time to work on this. Actually it's NOT even remotely NEAR the right time, but that's what my fingers decided to knit. Not the pairs of wrist warmers for Christmas presents, not the sweater for my husband (not even cast on yet), not finishing a pair of socks for me, nope. I HAD to knit this ugly, funky, ORANGE, bumpy sweater. Now. I realize a sane knitter would maybe try it on, look in a mirror and face the reality of the ugly, but I just can't do it. It's like a sick obsession. Even though I have a PRETTY BIG FEELING that this thing will be unwearable in public, I have GOT to finish it.

I have a history of the ugly orange sweater quest.....Anyone remember these?

The Toilet Seat Cover Sweater

The Leaky B00B Sweater

Now I have to admit a few sweaters have made it through, this is what gives me that insane hope that even though the pile of orange is looking horrid, it could possibly turn into a vision of loveliness.....

I have at least learned one thing on this insane orange sweater quest. I will NOT weave in all the ends and then try it on and then frog it. Just joined the sleeves to the body and am working up towards the cast off. It shouldn't be long until the Snow White is unvelied in all its hideousness glory. Cross your fingers for me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yarny Dream

WARNING----DO NOT fall asleep while knitting AND watching UFC! (Ultimate Fighting Championship) also called MMA (mixed martial arts). In a nutshell, two guys kickbox, judo, karate, and beat the holy hell out of each other. It's awesome. It just doesn't make for sweet dreams when you fall asleep while knitting.

I woke up Sunday morning with a dpn (double pointed needle) poking me in the ribcage and yarn all over my face. The dream had flashes of vividness to me so I quickly wrote down a few notes. The parts I remember was that I was in a small country school and fighting a major battle....with felted and knitted items. Basically, everything felted was coming to life as GIANT RATS. Not just regular giant rats (bigger than my new puppy by the way), but alien powered super rats that could zap things into dust with beams from their sharp ratty teeth. Yup.

SO, there I was, with all these knitters and crocheters and felters at a nice little fiber retreat (something like Yarn School at Harveyville). People kept on knitting while these alien rat things were bursting out of everywhere. Then ZAP POW they'd be zapped into dust. I figured out you had to STOMP the yarny creations to stop the transformation. I yelled at the other knitters to STOMP THE YARN! STOMP THE FELTED BITS! STOMP THOSE FLOWERS! Some figured it out and were fighting the battle with me, others just kept on knitting without noticing the havoc.

The worst offender was this big sweater that had stripes of felted bands that had been picked up and knit with FUN FUR EYELASH ACRYLIC yarn. It was the mother ship. The felted stripes were black (like the mutant alien rats) and the fun fur was neither fun nor fur and in horrid stripes of cotton candy pinks, baby boy blues and a sickly purple/grey. There were felted flowers flying through the air as each explosion helped more morph into rats. I was finally getting through the knitters and crafters and we were waging a major war, stomping and stomping on all the felted wool bits....then I woke up.

I'm thinking I'll take a break from the whole crocheted felted flowers thing for a while. :) I crocheted a BIG box from Little Knits (amazing sales on yarns) full of noro yarn into a crap ton of flowers and felted my heart out. I sold a lot at the Creative Hand show and have more ready for a few more craft shows coming up.

I'll also apologize in advance in case you walk up to me and happen to be wearing a sweater with felted bands and fun fur yarn. I will stomp you. repeatedly. and not just to keep the alien rats from morphing either. How does my brain come up with such horrid images??? Oh the fun fur.....the horror....

Frank the new puppy. NOT stompable. Australian Shepherd, 10 wks old, adorable. (way better than a photo of alien rats, right?)

Winner! Winner! Turkey Dinner! TWO cowls given away!

I ended up having my son pull TWO names out of the hat and we have TWO winners! YAY! Two super cowls will be on their way to Lynn & Cheryl. I've emailed you both this morning to get your mailing addresses. If you've not heard from me, please send me an email to Christine(DOT)Long(DOT)tg(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

YAY for warmth and funkiness all in one! Thanks all for checking in and leaving nice comments here & at facebook too! I'll be listing more super cowls on my etsy shop: TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop

Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Cowl!!! GIVEAWAY!!

What's that? It's an infinity's a's a cowl.....NO, It's SUPER COWL!!! lah lah lah LLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

These are some fun and funky super cowls I created recently for the Creative Hand Show last weekend. Fabulous show!! You've GOT to put it on your calendar next year!! It's always the weekend before Thanksgiving and next year will be at the same location, the Old Shawnee Town Hall in Shawnee, KS (suburb of KC).

Here's a few color shots.... pay attention to the burgandy/red/brick one. It's the one that's going to be a GIVEAWAY! YAY!

I sold two amazingly BIG cowls, not infinity long loops, but super tall super thick super funky thick & thin bumpy cowls and didn't even take a photo!!!! (I KNOW, can you believe it???) I'm going to have to make more of those. I also sold all the blue ones except one which I'm keeping for myself. I happen to have an extra of the burgandy/brick red cowl, which I'd like to share with someone out there in blogland!!! Leave a comment here on this post or make a comment on the TreasureGoddess facebook page and I'll add you to the drawing. I'll draw on Sunday night, 11/27 at 10pm central time.

If you're the winner, feel free to keep it as a present to yourself or send it to someone and cross one thing off your holiday knitting list. I'll have my kiddo do the drawing, he LOVES knitters! Also, my son is feeling GREAT!!! He has had a weekend of almost NO stomach pain. YAY! Thanks to all for the nice emails & rav msgs. I truly appreciate the good thoughts. It's nice to not worry about health for a while and just enjoy the changing leaves, cooler weather and KNITTING!!

Your giveaway SUPER COWL is made of 100% wool, overdyed by moi and knitted with 2 strands of worsted weight together in a seed stitch pattern with a funky twist in the middle for superior twisting & draping. It's not a true mobius, but a "join, making sure there IS a twist in the stitches" type of thing. It's fun and truly funky and warm as can be!

I'll post the particulars in a free pattern/recipe soon. Thanks and happy knitting all!!

*****Make sure to leave your email addy or some way to contact you, but leave it in that format that spambots can't grab, like mine....ChristineDOTlongDOTtgATgmailDOTcom or something like that. :)

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