Thursday, August 05, 2004

Chicago Pictures are Here!!

Check out the cute chics in Chicago!!! Man, that was too much fun. Ok, I warn you, I traveled with 3 Asian girls, so we took a LOT of freaking pictures and they're all posed. My total fave is here, hot policeman, yummy... DAMN I forgot how pretty he was.

Here we are at the train station ready for dim sum for breakfast. The picky eating white girl was actually putting away some serious eggrolls and pickled cucumbers at 9 in the morning. Probably why all those asian girls are so damn thin!

Here's the real hotties, I had so much fun on this trip!!! We ate ate ate and shopped shopped shopped and danced with stinky men, what else could you ask for?

Here's the whole batch of pictures...

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