Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Presents Delivered

My niece Harper at Christmas (or a weekend before when our family got together to celebrate). Seems like the blanket & octopus was a hit. I don't know if they were actual "hits" but the kid did like to chew on the octopus, so I'll take that as a good present. I'll put up pattern info later. It's in one of those amigurumi crochet books. Cute as heck and easy peasy. Not too many parts to sew, which is also good.

My two favorite girls!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For the 3rd disaster of Christmas, the knitting gods gave to me....

FOOD PO-OO-Oi-SO-ON-ING!!!!!! Seriously? Food poisoning. From the company party. Not the official company party that I wore the rockin' sweater at in MN and sat on Santa's lap. No, the unofficial getting-together with the locals company party. sweet. Wow. SO, spent most of Monday night in the bathroom on the floor. Jeff came in periodically and wiped my face with a washcloth, then finally put me back to bed about 5am. Tried to work the next day, but only made it till 10:30 then back to bed for about 18 hours straight. Today I'm finally feeling more normal and am back to applesauce. and gatorade. Seriously, I was so sick I couldn't even KNIT. yeah, that sick.

SO, I figured it out. I've thrown off the delicate balance of the knitting gods with the Knitter's Christmas Craziness. I was organized, competent and FINISHED ALL MY KNITTED PRESENTS in time to have SLEEP and TIME WITH MY FAMILY where my hands weren't too cramped from being wrapped around knitting needles to push the little monopoly characters..."push mommy's car to Illinois Avenue, honey" Yeah, like I ever got to be the car....you get the drift. It just wasn't right. I understand it all now. I'm meant to be finishing a sweater moments before we head out the door, throw it in a box and say "OPEN IT DAMNIT OPEN IT NOW!", then throw the sweater at the recipient and hit the road. That's true knitterly Christmas spirit for my family.

Well, disaster #1 has been managed, thanks to YOU AMAZING FIBER PEOPLE!!! Let's have a WOO HOO for us all now. WOO HOO! I'm typing on my very own new laptop. :) My business account is almost totally flat broke and there's not even a penny left in any vehicle in our family, but it's here. It's mine and I love it. :) Nothing even resembling water will come near this baby. Not ice, not gas, not liquid.

Disaster #2 is on its way to being fixed as well. The truck has been hauled off to the dealership where it's getting a brand new engine! :) WOO HOO! Turns out a recent trip to Firestone about 2 months ago to have the coolant system checked and they ended up convincing us the whole damn system needed replacing may have been a contributing factor. It's run like hell ever since I got it back, chugging horribly in the mornings until it got warmed up. The guy that looked over the engine for us said there wasn't a drop of coolant in the system and no leaks he could see. Hmmmmmm. We towed it back to Firestone where they assured us it was an oil problem and not their fault. cripes. SO, we're out big bucks, but we're lucky enough that we have enough in our emergency fund to cover it.

To placate the knitting gods, I've cast on THREE Christmas projects. A hat, finishing my husband's hat (felting and sewing a lining in--which I'm dreading, and an artyarn scarf). See? Crazy, unorganized knitter again! Let's stop at The 3 Disasters of Christmas this year, shall we?

OH, and anyone wanting to buy an apple macbook, GO TO MICROCENTER first. They're the same price as the apple store, but you get a $200 prepaid visa card by mail as a rebate. Guess when I found that out? AFTER I'd already bought mine. damn.

SO, don't forget about the Knit Wit sale in Olathe, KS on Dec 26th, 25% off everything in her shop plus $3/skein on all her sale tubs. My Etsy Shop sale is still going on through 12/31/09 as well.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! May your holidays be joyous, full of friends, family and fiber and may the knitting gods not bite you in the arse!

Next year I'm returning to the crazy and knitting colorwork stockings for all 6 of us. I'm also making these next year for the tree. (click the pic to get to the link)

Monday, December 21, 2009

You guys ROCK!

Thanks so much for all your help towards my laptop fund! :) I've found new homes for much of my oversized stash. The $$ sure helped the fund! Also, the idea that all that pretty yarn has a much better chance of being knit/crocheted up into something instead of spending eternity in a ziplock bag stuffed in a trunk, drawer, closet, attic, basement, etc. is a nice thought. THERE IS STILL MORE YARN/FIBER BEING ADDED....

My folks are actually going on a trip for a MONTH (they're cruising through the Panama Canal at one point, how cool is that?) so I get the loan of their car! WOO HOO! Now we've got some breathing room to decide what to do about that disaster. I think we'll put a new engine in, but we're looking at used engines as well as a whole different truck. We'll see where that goes.

For now, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the cyber hugs, the actual hugs, the $$ donations/adoption of yarn & fiber and the good thoughts. Being a titch high strung and prone to major freakouts, this could have just made me insane. You guys rock!

Hope all your holiday knitting gets DONE! I'm almost there myself. :) If you need a cool fast present/decoration that does NOT require knitting, here's a neat idea. Click the pic for links to the how-to.

Friday, December 18, 2009

TreasureGoddess's TWO days of Christmas

For some reason, when life gets tough, my brain begins creating new lyrics to popular songs. I know, it's quite a useful skill. Let's just say that I decided NOT to go through with the TG's Version of 12 Days of Christmas as I'm thinking I couldn't actually survive 10 more big things going BOOM! Also, the words that rhyme with SUCK do not work well with a family friendly blog environment.

Instead of faking my own death twice *cough cough internet hand dyer cough* or holding illegal raffles and badmouthing others on ravelry, *cough cough famous podcaster cough* I figure I'll just keep on destashing and adding more to my etsy shop with a big arse sale. :) Please keep checking as I am finding stash that I did not even KNOW was in my stash. I pulled these fun and funky batts out of a tub of ziplocked bags I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WAS THERE below and behind the current fiber stash tubs and tubs of ziplocked bags. Seriously, I could keep a dozen spinners and hundreds of knitters busy and STILL have more than I could possibly spin or knit in my lifetime!

One positive note of serious stash diving is finding treasures I swear I've never even SEEN before! It's like my very own yarn/fiber shop everywhere I go. These babies I bought on a trip through Wichita from a local artist. They're fun, and only TEN DOLLARS EACH including shipping. Click the pics to go to the destash rav page or leave a comment if you don't have a ravelry login.

Thanks again for looking & shopping. Please don't feel obligated and I promise to return to regularly scheduled Crazy Yarn Girl Adventure Blogging soon. (Although seriously, ruining a laptop and a MOTOR VEHICLE in the same week? How CYG can that get?) Overcoming all obstacles through fiber. Or something like that.

Finished the crocheted baby blanket. Finished & delivered all wrist warmers this morning. If you forget about the BIG ASS CALAMITY that surrounds me, I'm having a pretty productive holiday season! Half a leg warmer to go and Chrismtas presents are all completed. Hope the knitting/crocheting elves are coming out at night to help your projects as well!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Year of the Wrist Warmers DONE BABY!!!

How cool is THAT?!? Very. In fact. In this world in which I have no control over most of my life, I completed something. I rockstar completed something. Ends woven, pretty tags printed on the computer, stamped with cute stockings, tied with a simple bow. I'm very, very proud of them. Inside is a short message basically saying that these wrist/hand warmers were hand knit just for you by Joey's mom. How they're wonderful for keeping you warm while allowing you to type, grade papers, read books, etc. I included care instructions, these were all knit with leftover superwash merino wool, so they're pretty much easy maintenance. We're delivering them tomorrow morning, letting Joey's teacher choose first, then making the rounds of the nurse, secretaries (who always hug my kid when he's not feeling well) etc. Yay for me. PLUS I spent NO MONEY! Can you believe it? I was THIS CLOSE to going to the LYS for more yarn, but forced myself to get creative.

I've got about 1042 ends to weave in of slick acrylic yarn into the back of my niece's baby blanket. We're having our family's Christmas this weekend, so I'll be sewing ends all night tonight and most likely on the 3 hr car trip down there.

SO, speaking of a life out of control, GUESS WHAT? My truck is dead. Deader than my laptop. Boom. Almost a big BOOM more of a loud clank, actually ending with so much white gaseous clouds billowing from it.....now towed to a shop. Guessing it's needing a whole new engine. Apparently, everything I touch (except wrist warmers) is going to heck. Mr. TreasureGoddess was not amused when I said I'd better not touch anything important on him. Actually, Mr. TreasureGoddess isn't amused that I refer to him as "Mr. TreasureGoddess." I took a sad little picture of my cute truck being towed away, but I'll have to load that pic tomorrow. Poor little truck. Poor little laptop.

Let's finish with something happy, shall we? Those wrist warmer presents ROCK!

OH, and my sweet son spent his own money and picked out my birthday present (a while ago, but I'm a slacker blogger) and here it is. After the rest of the Christmas presents are done, I'm thinking this will have to become a scarf. How sweet is that? Funny story--Mr. TreasureGoddess pointed out that I had TOO MUCH YARN, but Joey told him, "The only thing that makes Mom happier than diet coke and beer is YARN. I don't think she could ever have too much yarn." Smart kid.

Adding YET MORE YARN and FIBER to the ravelry destash and etsy shop daily, keep an eye out, please!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm on a mission to raise the final $$ I need for the new laptop. EVERYTHING MUST GO GO GO (yelled in a used car salesman commercial voice) Actually, my usual prices are lower than most etsy-ians so this sale makes the goods pretty much insane. INSANE! INSANE! INSANE! Ok, no more loud type. I promise. :)

TreasureGoddess Destash
Click above for Great Deals on Yarn & Fiber!

TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop
Click above for 10% off everything in the shop! No waiting for paypal refunds, the prices have already been discounted!

Hand dyed lace yarn by TreasureGoddess

My big arse loss is your big arse gain! My laptop is dead. It's true. Corrosion and other horrid words were said. There was much cursing and a bit of stomping around the parking lot. They were supposedly able to pull the hard drive stuff onto an external drive for me, but of course I can't access it on a normal computer, has to be in mac format or some such nonsense. Hoping I can get to it once I get the new laptop.

Mention that you're a blog reader and I'll knock another $2 off the sale price of everything on both ravelry or the etsy shop (except the magnets since they're only $4 to start with. I'd sell those for $3 per pack if you're interested).
Santa Fe Square hand dyed BFL sockyarn by TreasureGoddess

More will be added daily to both the ravelry destash and the etsy shop. I've gotta clear house and get some $$ flowing in to cover this monster end of the year purchase.
south african fine wool roving silver blue hand dyed by TreasureGoddess

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Damn, I should've brought cookies

Mentally promising all kinds of things to the gods of the macbook.... I'll bring a dozen cookies to the repair guys if they can revive my baby. Still waiting for the call. Should've brought the cookies as an incentive to fix it. damn.

Only thing I don't want to do is offer to make more wrist warmers. Still knitting them. Christmas countdown continues. There shouldn't be a cold wrist in the midwest when I'm done with Christmas 2009--the year of the wrist warmers! Somehow I'm up to 7 1/2 pair done. At least the madness will have to stop THIS FRIDAY as that's when we're bringing the holiday gifts to teachers and my family's doing their holiday celebration THIS WEEKEND as well, so mom's are on the needles RIGHT NOW. I'll have 32 ends to weave. Can finish the leg warmers for my aunt by Christmas, so that gives me a bit more time.

Remember when I thought I'd make my husband a week's worth of socks for Christmas this year? Did you laugh your ass off when I said that? You totally should have. He's got one pair done. It was a laugh even before he decided he now likes his socks to come all the way to his KNEES! cripes. He does have 1 1/2 pair done of a long ass pair of girly knee socks Hunting Socks, so I may or may not pull them out to work on when the rest of the holiday gifts are completed. It's pretty hard to motivate myself to work k3p1 ribbing forever in dull grey sockyarn.

Please work, little laptop, please please work. Pretty Please with chocolate chips and candy canes on top...

OH, and I was chosen for a lovely treasury on etsy. Please click the link and leave a comment. The more clicks, the more exposure on etsy, which would help me sell more to pay for the new laptop that I'm not wanting to have to buy.... (sorry for the outright begging. It's really a lovely Brown & Turquoise group of fabulous artsy treasures!)
Turquoise and Brown Treasury

Happy Holiday Knitting to you all! May your fingers be non-cramped and fast, may there be no frogging, and may there be a time warp continuum so you can get some SLEEP!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Please cross your fingers!

SO, dropped the dead macbook off at a repair shop that specializes in ipods, macbooks and all things apple. I should get a call within 24 hours with their verdict if it's truly dead and if not, how much it will cost to revive the poor thing. Compared to the apple store's program of ship it off, pay $750 and MAYBE they can fix it and MAYBE they can't, I'm thinking it's a good plan. So far I'm out nothing but tears. and stress. much, much stress. I figure if the laptop gods let me fix this for a reasonable sum of $$, I'll find some cats and give them treats. I would pay many cheezburgers to get my baby back to me. I happen to know a few knitters whose cats would not mind being pandered to (bribed).

Christmas sweater in action.....no, not a Christmas PRESENT for someone else. Oh no. This is selfish knitting at its worst. A list of knitted objects needed and what does this knitter do? Finishes a sweater FOR HERSELF. Because she WANTS to. Back to regularly scheduled stall knitting/stoplight knitting/late at night-who-needs-sleep Christmas knitting...1/2 more pair of wrist warmers, 1/2 pair of legwarmers, 2 hats and 1/3 of a baby blaket to go. No worries.

Better pictures promised after Christmas is over.
Details: Ingenue from Wendy Barnard in her book Custom Knits, cascade 220 (what else?), size Small. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater! Also love Santa. How cool is it that my company's party had the REAL SANTA stop by? What a kind soul. I am so blessed that I told him I already had everything I could possibly want or need, so please give me the continued health and happiness of my family and friends. (then later thought DOH! Should've asked for a new freaking laptop...Can I change that to health & happiness and for my laptop to work?) *sigh* I am truly blessed. I know it. I just still really REALLY want my baby to work again.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

SUPER SALE coming soon!

My BIG ASS loss is your BIG ASS gain! Christine recently learned that lukewarm tea and apple macbook laptops do not play well together. Not even HOT tea, lukewarm old tea. Knocked over. Onto the laptop. *sigh* Sorry about talking in the 3rd person. It's just to painful to say I DID IT!

After the weekend I will be posting a massive ravelry destash and etsy shop sale for your holiday stash enhancement. Come on, you KNOW you're not getting good yarn from anyone for Christmas. It's not gonna happen. Everyone that knows you thinks to themselves, "Boy, they have SO MUCH yarn. Can't get her/him any more of that!" (Unless you count gifts from other knitters who always know the perfect gift for any occasion is fiber!)


Happy Holiday Knitting everyone.....I'm not quite to that freaking out bit yet. Usually by the 10th I'm starting to get just a bit worried that my gift list is longer than humanly possible. I have 4 short flights ahead of me in the next 3 days, so I figure I'll finish at least 4 projects. Right? Yes, each flight is about an hour and a half and each project takes at least 6-8 hours of knitting. Why do you ask?

Let's not even talk about how I behave after the 15th yet. The 20th? Doesn't exist it's so FAR AWAY. Stop thinking about it. Don't count the days. There's STILL TIME!

Anyway, check back here soon to see my super sale details. I've gotta earn a few more $$ to buy a new laptop *sniff*. Going to kick the TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop in high gear plus some serious destashing from my monster stash as well. (And we all know I'm a yarn snob so I gots some good stuff buried in ziplock bags throughout my entire house!)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yarn magnets, what could be better?

What do you think? Cool stocking stuffers? I figure if you can't knit or spin at work you can at least have a magnet there to remind you of WHY you're working. :)

Available at the TreasureGoddess Etsy shop

On a crochet note, I found the stupid yarn. It was not in the chest with the worsted weight. It was not in the "misc yarn" dresser. It was not shoved into the sockyarn drawers, it was not in the space bags under the bed. It was not in the top of Joey's or David's closets. It was not in my craft closet. It was not in MY closet. Not in the dining room/TreasureGoddess work shop. Do you know WHERE I found it? With the acrylic yarn in the tubs in the office closet. Where it should have been, since it was actually acrylic yarn. Wow. Who'd a thunk it? I remember putting it "in the stash" which usually means a quick shove into whatever stash container is near. I totally don't remember unloading and hauling about tubs to get to the proper acrylic yarn tub and then hauling and loading the stack of heavy tubs back away. wow. Life would be SO much easier if I had a damn craft room. Ah well.

Almost done with the super granny square. Hope to finish it by this weekend, sew in the thousands of ends and be done with it. :) Also finished another pair of wrist warmers. 2 to go now.

Happy knitting all!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And the granny obsession goes on.....now with poetry!

Christmas Present in the works for my niece. She's 1 yr old and adora-freaking-ble. Her mom & dad said she doesn't need any more toys or clothes (although her dad said she really wants a wii, HA!). So, she's getting a super girly super granny square blanket from her auntie. And a pink knitted hippo if time allows. Only problem is......I've lost the yarn. I have a lot of this yarn left, at least 12 little skeins. TWELVE. And it's lost. Not just lost, LOST IN THE STASH.

Yes, I've lost my yarn IN MY YARN. crap. See, if I'd just stuck it somewhere non-stash related, a family member is sure to stumble upon it...."MO-OM! Why's there yarn in the pantry again?" or "MO-OM! There's yarn in the bathroom where the extra toilet paper is supposed to be...can I use this?" (note to self....don't shove yarn in the bathroom. It's just not a good idea.)

No, like a good little organized crafter, I CLEANED MY HOUSE over Thanksgiving weekend and put every blessed thing away. In its proper place. And now I can't freaking find anything. Back to knitting more wrist warmers while the search continues....

Little Miss TreasureGoddess
Lost her yarn skeins, Oh Piss!
And doesn't know where to find them.

Put the blanket away
And search the whole day
Throwing stash all about in great mayhem.

I know, I know. But seriously, YOU TRY to rhyme something with TreasureGoddess!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not waiting for Black Friday! It's YAY YARN WEDNESDAY!

YAY! YARN! FIBER! WEDNESDAY SALE is on NOW! 15% off EVERYTHING in my TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop! Sale goes through Monday, Nov 30th. YAY! I need to clear things out to make room for all the goodies coming in December! OOOOOOOHhhhhhhh I've got some purties drying right now. There will be much CYG photo shoots happening in the next week or two. Crossing fingers for good sunlight and not too much wind!

Also, did you know it's almost CHRISTMAS? Did you? Well, I've ALREADY started working on Christmas Knitted Gifts! I know. It's unbelievable. It's not even December 5th, my usual start date. (No, I've never had a peaceful, calm Christmas season since I started knitting, how did you know?) Well, this is going to be my Year of the Wrist Warmers!

I'm hoping to have eight pair done in time to distribute to teachers, nurses, etc for both kids. I'm more than half-way done! WOO HOO! I've not completed any socks or anything else of substance (other than a crap-load of granny squares) but I'm getting these teacher gifts DONE baby! Using my own version of the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love that book! It's my go-to pattern for all stoplight knitting, conference call knitting and various breaks here & there & around the square while waiting in line, etc. There's a million patterns on ravelry and a lot free as well. Super fast.

I've still got an only-possible-if-a-time-continuum-cooperates knitting gift list. Don't worry. I'm not as with-it as I appear. (or as I think I appear.)

Happy Happy Thanksgiving everone! I'm truly thankful for all the blessings in my life, my family, my friends, my fiber world, all you guys. Happy Turkey Eating (or Tofu Eating for my veggie friends).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The C word

I know, I know. It looks like Halloween, all orange and black and everything, but it's for CHRISTMAS. I just have strange children. Ben, my youngest stepson, has decided that he wants an orange and black blanket. OK. Being a big fan of orange, this is just fine with me. I'm using up tons of extra yarn left over from a baby blanket that was made for a LYS owner's new baby. After making my square out of the orange, I had almost an entire skein of yarn left. Add that to a bunch of other almost new orange skeins donated by other knitters and you have half an afghan! Knitters rock. WOOT!

AND in other crochet news.....I'm doing a granny square mystery Christmas project as well. Yes, I DO realize that Christmas is coming. Yes, I DO realize I've once again agreed to knit various presents, only one of which has been completed. Yes, I DO realize that Christmas is only 45 days away. That's more than a month. Really. No need to worry, right? Heck, this mystery project could even end up BEING a present. right? Sure, I'd LOVE some company in crazy-knitters-almost-Christmas-time-warp-reality. Come on in!

Project Details, click HERE.

First Set of Instructions click HERE

Cool crochet blog with good picture tutorials, SarahLondon. (One word of note, English patterns often call the Double Crochet a tr, ex. when told to work 3 tr's in the chain space, it's actually 3 double crochets).

Another very cool crochet blog with FABULOUS free patterns and good descriptions (where I went to remember how to make a granny square to get started on Ben's blanket) is Attic24. She rocks.

Amazing pictorial step-by-step granny square instructions PurlBee Granny Square Project

Back to normal knitting craziness soon....and of course I'm still knitting every day. No worries.

OH, and H1N1 update...Joey slept through the night for the first time since last Tues. He seems to be feeling better, we started him on his super-antibiotics (he's immune to all the regular stuff) and made it through part of the fight with insurance company to PAY for it, good times. Found a half-way mix where the ins would fund half the meds in order for him to get started to fight the bacterial crud that's invaded his lungs and continue the battle with many faxes of dr's signatures, extra documents, etc. proving that he really DOES need the stuff. cripes almighty. If you've not got enough stress deaing with a kid that feels lousy, just add in fun with BCBS. They need to have a pill to help you stomach that!

Glad Joey seems to be on the rise health-wise. Thanks for the good thoughts & prayers. He's a tough kid. Oh, and he wants a blue afghan. Add that to the list.... Anyone got an idea for a crocheted pattern for me? I'm getting a bit grannied out. (Still have about 52 more black squares to crochet).

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in...

Wish we had the big bad wolf instead of the damn pigs. H1N1 back in the house. My youngest Weasley is down with the super flu. The flu part really only lasted a day, but the fever, the DAMN fever and the congestion is never ending. Poor kid. My son's already battling CF (cystic fibrosis--a genetic lung & digestive disease) and this just adds a whole new level of fun. Work's not pleased since I missed almost a week when I was sick and a few half days here & there with my son now. Good thing hubby's not traveling this week so I don't miss quite as much work. His dr's are now thinking my pneumonia was from the H1N1 and we just didn't realize it at the time. Hoping we can get an antibiotic that'll work for him. The culture results should be in on Monday. damn.

It does mean more knitting time as I'm often up from about 2am-4am or so with Joey. I'm sticking to socks for the night-time knitting as apparently I can knit in my sleep. I kept waking up mid-sweater knitting finding I've knit a few rounds of K3 P1 in the middle of what should have been stockinette. I knit most of my socks as K3 P1 pattern and apparently the fingers revert to that when they are left to themselves. Jeff's long-arse socks are getting close to completion this way.

There has also been a bit of dying recently for the TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop. Have you ever spun South African Fine Wool fiber? Oh my holy hell. It's softer than merino, 23 micron count. SOOOOOOO freaking soft. Also it absorbs the dyes amazingly. Gives such depth and warmth. Ohhhhhh it's nice. Here's a look of what I'm trying REALLY HARD not to keep all to myself. (All fiber was dyed pre-H1N1 and has been stored in nice ziplock bags so no plague will be sent along!)

So, no Weasley Knit Nights for a while. We need to huff and to puff and to blow their germs down with the help of modern medicine and much clorox. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kniting Pneumonia

Wow, anyone else notice the irony of the last post showing I was freezing my arse off and this post talks of me getting walking knitting pneumonia? wow. Right after the camping weekend, I flew to Minnesota, had a FABULOUS evening with a yarn school buddy Deb where we knit and SHOPPED at a fabulous little shop (Bella Lana), then had a snack (with more knitting). The fact that I had to go to Target to buy an extra bag to check on the plane should give you an idea of what I did with their super sale yarn. (NORO SOCKYARN FOR $9.50 PEOPLE!!!). They had a LOT left, so give them a shout and get you some.

OH, and I worked at the home office. (the official reason for the trip). On the plane home I sat a few rows ahead of a family that was coughing up a lung the entire flight home. Gotta love that recycled air on a fully packed plane, huh? Short version of the story is that within 3 days I had a monster congestion, cough, wheezing, the works. Into the Dr's office, after X-rays sent to BED for a WEEK! Well, I pretty much did sleep for 3 days straight with only a few moments of knitting here & there and no spinning or dying. Boy, you know you're sick when you don't even feel like knitting! Well, as I felt better, I did have a few moments here & there to knit, knit, knit, KNIT!

THE HATS--2 handspun art yarn creations (the bumpy one was actually knitted last week), red & green handspun Thorpe hats

THE SCARF--Brooklyn Tweed's 1X1 ribbed noro scarf out of 2 skeins of noro kureyon

THE UFO--Eyelet Cardi from ChicKnits, yarn gifted by Chery! It's been a UFO for a LOOOOOONG time, now an official FINISHED OBJECT! WOO HOO (ok, not BLOCKED, but FINISHED)

THE SPINNING--From some of my hand dyed yarn school fiber...8 oz 2 ply, spice rack colorway and some coilspun supercoils art yarn

*whew* I think I'm ready for another week of knitting.... Too bad those whole WORK and REGULAR LIFE things get in the way. Just think how much I could accomplish if I wasn't restricted to stop-light, late night and stall-knitting!

Monday, October 19, 2009

So Christine, how was your weekend campout?

Holy crap-a-moly, it truly was! Good times were had for most of the weekend, but I have to say that was one of the longest nights I've spent. I am not cut out for this kind of thing. A fair weather tent in a heavy frost? Froze my freaking butt off. Our other choice was bunking in the rock shack. A gorgeous, neat building with a fire pit and walls. And rat poop. Lots and lots of rat poop. The rats were temporarily moved out, but I didn't really want to take the chance after hearing the story of Jeff waking up one night to a rat chewing on his hair. ACK! All in all, a great weekend. Here's a few highlights...

The kids had a great time riding horses, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers (all with helmets), playing hedge apple baseball, creating a monster bonfire and keeping the fire in the rock shack pit going strong. We spent a long, cold night listening to packs of coyotes, Big John the bull MOOOOOOOOOOOing from the pasture over the hill, dogs barking, kids snoring and that damn rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing at 1:30am, 3:30am and 5:30am. We awoke to about 15 visitors, one of which was over 2000 lbs. It's a good thing Big John the bull has a sweet disposition. I have to say I love that my husband made me a port-a-potty almost as much as I love that he stained & painted & assembled my spinning wheel. It rocked.

Oh, yeah, this is a KNITTING and SPINNING blog, right? Here's a shot of what's on the drying racks at home waiting for a photo session to be loaded onto the TreasureGoddess etsy shop.

Actual knitting content coming soon. I've been going to town making a few Thorpe hats. Some out of handspun, some out of Nashua creative focus chunky 75/25 wool/alpaca. I'm even working up one with a big floppy, pointy top. Airplane knitting rocks. Off on business to Minneapolis, the land of yarn shops on every corner! I love this town.

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