Monday, February 28, 2005

Ebay Treasures & Secret Pal Stuff

Here's what I did tonight after bowling was over....My craft crap on ebay. So far, I've just listed some cross stitch stuff, but I'll be adding plastic canvas, more cross stitch stuff and even some knitting books as well. If you get bored, take a look! I am working to clear out some serious area and making cash to enhance the stash is ok as well.

No knitting tonight. I was so pissed off at myself today, I got to my daughter's school 20 minutes early and had ONE knitting needle with my bumpy scarf. One needle. I guess the other one fell out when the damn bag fell off the shelf in the closet where it was previously jammed when my brother & his wife came over Sunday afternoon.

OH OH OH my big news.......... I'm going to be an AUNT! I'm going to be Aunt Christine !!!! The married little brother Mike and his lovely wife Barb are expecting in September! I'm so happy!!! This isn't the cute blond brother that's engaged & living in FL, but the cute dark-haired brother living here in town! His wife is stunningly beautiful in one of those if-she-wasn't-so-damn-nice-you'd-hate-her because she's just a natural beauty. They should have a seriously gorgeous baby! OH MY GOD, I can't wait to see that baby! I'm going to get my baby-fix every time they'll let me babysit!! At least until that kid starts moving, I plan on volunteering to watch the little booger. I am surprised my kids ever learned to crawl, I think I just held them until they started walking. GOD I love babies. YEAH!

KR SECRET PALS is starting up!! WOO HOO! I just got my secret pal and she is just starting felting projects. I get a REASON to go shopping!! :) To the secret pal stuck with me, I promise to get a wish list up soon, but basically, I love EVERYTHING KNITTING!!! Everything and anything is an adventure to me in this new passion of Knitting! I especially love natural colors of greens, browns, and greys, or something colorful. Sorry to be so specific, hah!

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