Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Things that make me chuckle

Ok, first, my daughter gets up and dresses herself while I'm in the shower this morning. I was so freaking proud, I couldn't hardly speak, had to get the camera to record this for myself. Here is Miss Beth, modeling her poncho (my first non-scarf knitted item) and sporting a belt created in green acrylic yarn and a pony-tail tie in noro kureyon both finger-knitted by Miss Beth! She's also finished the outfit in BOOTS, Love it! Overhead at the playdate last Sunday to her friend Konner, "Come and look at all my shoes!" WHERE does she get it from? She actually only has about 8 pair of shoes (including boots and old tennies, but one pair of brown boots with one inch heels I found on clearance for TWO DOLLARS that are just cute as HECK and I've been saving them for a couple of years now).

Here's a pic I also had to take for my own little memory book. This was when the kids were being TOO QUIET...you moms know, all of a sudden, you realize you're actually able to WATCH the tv and knit more than a half row of a project and you go "OH CRAP!" and take off in a run to find out just WHY they're so quiet and not bothering you...They were getting ready for bed in the "sleepover" Sat. night in Beth's bunkbed. PJ pants are on heads and shirts are sporting legs where the arms should be. They were so proud, I had to sit down and laugh.

Sometimes it's just good to be a mom.

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