Thursday, February 17, 2005

KC Winer Opener VIP night/Bigwigs here at work

OK, So I went to the MOST BEAUTIFUL fun amazing restored home/schoolhouse/building thing called the Webster House in downdown KC for the VIP night of the CF Wine Opener. OH MY GOD! I've GOT to do a girlfriend's lunch there sometime, it's the coolest place. Filled with antiques, amazing gifts, candles, and the FOOD was to die for, and the building was amazing. The assistant chef "whipped up" some mushroom stuffed things for us servers in the back kitchen was the best pasta I have ever had in my entire life. I have eaten a LOT of pasta in a lot of very nice Italian restaurants, and from Italian men who themselves are wonderful cooks, and nothing can compare to the heaven I ate last night. OH HOLY HELL. It wasn't even something on the menu, she just created it. I don't even LIKE mushrooms, but I went back and ate 2 BIG PLATEFULS! Chef Tim also made extra of all the good stuff that went out for the event, I think I could get used to eating like that.... mmmmmmm

I had so much fun! I was not a "server" as they had snooty wine men to pour and describe the wine. Thank Goodness, no spillage on any rich people! I was more of a bus-boy. We polished over 300 wine glasses, set up everything, wandered around with trays picking up dishes, forks and glasses and then took everything back to the kitchen. Easy work and I got to wander around and check out the auction items and dream a little bit, listened to good ol' crooner/jazz music in the background and flirted a bit. Just a bit, I controlled myself. Not on purpose, as the only men attending the function were either married or gay, but the guy that manages the wait staff was yummy. Italian, Catholic, only about 10 years older than me, charismatic, fun. He talked with me afterwards about giving him a call, and I'm thinking "OH YEAH BABY" thought in Austin Powers twang, and then I realized he wanted me to work for him on some catering events. I said, Oh, I really don't like to work that hard on a normal basis, and I have a job, well, for NOW I have a job... but he said it's totally seasonal, they could call a few weeks ahead, for about 5-6 hours of work I can come out with some serious money as they pay way above catering levels and the chef also gives his staff part of the tips, which are normally huge. I thought since I'm poor, I'd probably better take the option of making $$ over the option of a fun night out sometime, so I was a good girl, gave him my number in a professional manner (dammit) and figured, I could always hit on the guy LATER... bwa ha ha ha.

Also, since the point WAS to make money for CF and not just for me to go out and flirt, the event made over $15,000 and the big night is tonight. The organizer of the local CF chapter said she had two free tickets for me if I'd like to go since she knows I'm normally POOR POOR POOR and though it would have been fun, I've not spent much time at home with the kiddos this week, so we're heading to blockbuster and renting Shark Tales or Scooby Doo or something else.

I am going to have to do more charity events in this town. I overheard more people getting job info, schmoozing and networking and the like. It is all about who you know I guess.

Bigwigs weren't in the office yesterday, so today's the fun day....OOOOHHHHH I'm looking forward to it. Talk about shell shocked, I pulled up to work yesterday morning and saw our part-time receptionist's car wasn't in the lot and I thought, OH MY GOD, THEY FIRED HER, but then I realized I'd forgotten she'd asked for the day off. Then, Tuesday afternoon, the big bossman said, "Christine could you come into my office, we need to discuss something...." And I thought "OH CRAP!", went in and realized he really DID want to discuss something, but it was just related to the collections I was working on and he was pleased with my progress. He just wanted an update. Cripes. Live to work another day. I really really really really really don't want to be here today or tomorrow, but hell, if I survived childbirth twice, living in a trailer home in New Mexico with mud, black widow spiders, rattlesnakes and NO PHONE with inlaws from HELL, and four layoff/firing days here, I can survive a couple more days in the basement. What's the worst that could happen? Option #1--I could be out of a job. Well, what's so bad about that? Less money. I've been poor most of my life and can deal. Option #2--I could still have a job, and just more crap to do. That's my daily life right now. So I just figure I'll work my little butt off, hide behind my flowers, keep my mouth shut and see what happens.

Song in my head this morning: "Gee Mom, I wanna go, but they won't let me go, gee Mom, I wanna go home......."

Makeup tip for the day: Don't sneeze immediately after applying waterproof mascara. The little black marks are NOT attractive and they DON'T go away, but turn into a black smeared shadow that just looks like dark circles. I guess if you were an organized woman, you could put on your makeup at HOME where you may have eye makeup remover, but when you put it on in the parking lot or at a stop light, you just don't have that option. God, I'm a hottie.

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