Friday, February 18, 2005

misc crap

Knitting bit:
I actually made TWO, count em, TWO swatches last night of that weird Armadillo or some strange yarn I bought long ago to make a tank top. I gave up as I couldn't make it work and thought I'd use it for something else. I'm not quite sure what yet, probably a sleeveless turtleneck or something. I HATE making gauge swatches, and these were only about 2 inches long, but I figure it's better than the normal, starting in knitting and thinking, yeah, that'll work and ending up with a sweater sized for a Chief's linebacker.

I want to go to thrift stores and rummage for old sweaters. I keep reading about all these great finds that people are finding and creating their own stuff from cashmere, angora, and the like! I may have to sneak downtown to go treasure hunting this weekend if I can get someone to watch the monsters.

Beauty bit, tip of the day:
Don't wear jeans with a hole in the knees if you haven't shaved your legs in a week. It's not pretty. Good thing I'm a redhead and have blond stubble, cripes.

Political bit:
MAN, I still like Howard Dean! In a debate between the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Richard Perle, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's former top policy advisor, he had a quote that just reinforced WHY I like the man. He's intelligent, energetic and stands up for what he believes in. Here's my favorite quote from the debate when Dean was stating that Democrats are actually tougher on defense than the Republican right. Democratics have been pushing for the current administration to not ignore the problems in North Korea and Iran for some time now, instead of focusing all our money and energy and lives on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around saying you're going to kick Saddam's butt.
-- Howard Dean

When confronted about a statement made on 9/22/03, where Mr. Perle predicted "a grand square in Baghdad named for President Bush" within one year, Perle said though it was not on his original timetable, he still believed a square will be named after the President. Mr. Perle was a key person in designing the Iraq invasion plan.

I'm thinking there will be some things named after our President, but instead of "a grand square" it may be a burning effigy, a pile of rubble, etc. I'm thinking even those that we are "liberating" are not too pleased with the good ol' USA, so keep on dreaming people.

Getting hot bit:
This new plan of not eating ANYTHING after 9pm is killing me. I've realized I'm not actually hungry that late, but I'm freaking MISSING my late night eating....I could hardly focus on anything last night as my mind was saying...."just one cookie, just one day off....just one Hershey's....and on and on. I always knew I ate for comfort, stress, habits, but DAMN it's hard to change. I just want to get healthy now so I'm not facing lots of heart trouble & become diabetic like most of the women in my dad's side of the family. And, getting into a bathing suit by this summer wouldn't hurt either, I have those firemen friends of my hairdresser's hubby to think of! Hanging at the pool with firemen will be much more fun if I can get a little slimmer in those legs & thighs & butt that you can't hide in a suit. (I did find a mini-skirt suit that doesn't look like a grandma suit, but STILL, gotta keep on running/jogging/sweating and cussing. I'm trying to keep the cursing down to a minimum until after the kids are in bed, but when I'm thudding along on that damn treadmill, a few slip out. I always try to imitate my dad, he still does the "son of a biscuit" or something similar. My mother, the woman who would not allow the words "suck, pissed off" or ANYTHING stronger in our home now curses like a drunken sailor when she gets going.

I do like the woman, she can be an intimidating biotch, but I like to think when I get going and strong, I get a lot of it from my mom. I'm still working on "the eye". I have a pretty intimidating "eye" when I need it, I've been known to make a few people crazy with it, one ex-hubby and an assistant who said I was making her hair fall out in clumps on her letter of resignation to the president of the bank I used to work for. (I love that.) She actually was trying to embezzle money and mess with accounts, but I caught her at it and got an auditor involved, so she HAD to quit, but still, I like that I sounded like such a bitch! bwa ha ha ha ha...... But, that's nothing compared with the quiet, steely presence my mom can get when she is standing up for what she believes in. She just retired as the head of the negotiating team for NEA for the teachers in her district, and the replacing teacher works at my daughter's elementary school. I got such a kick out of her when she pulled Beth & I aside at Open House to say, "Elizabeth, your Grandma ROCKS!". :)

I do apologize to you poor readers out there, I talk A LOT and FAST and I type faster than I talk, so when I have "just a thought" it ends up going into the 4 page range before I know what's happening.

That's it, have a GREAT weekend! :)

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