Sunday, February 27, 2005


Well, I finally got OUT of the house for a REAL night out on the town. Ok, not actually out on the town, but out in Overland Park with a backyard facing Metcalf, where apparently they need to shoot the next issue of COPS. Holy crap, within two hours, we had a front-row seat for a wild dui arrest that went a bit violent, lots of cop cars, ending with the vehicle in question being towed off and almost everyone in the car in cuffs, a few tickets, the works. Then, one guy in a truck nailed the light pole right next to our party's yard, and then took off running once he realized he couldn't drive away. Within MINUTES we had a full cast of people just waiting to be on tv. OH holy hell, there was a fat lady in a tank top (I SWEAR) just waving her arms around and yelling about this guy along with about half the cast of deliverance. WHO lives in those apartments across the way ANYWAY????? We went up to check things out and the back was full of stuffed animals. I'm thinking they're probably full of drugs or something. I totally do NOT remember sticking my ARM in the damn truck, just wait until my fingerprints end up in the middle of a drug case! cripes.

The party was for Rich's bday/housewarming. Apparently most of the women of the group didn't make it out, so it was 5 chics and about 25 men. MY KIND OF PARTY!!! Of course, most of them were friends or married or whatever, but still, it's good for the mojo to be surrounded by men and liquor every so often.

Here's a few on them to see bigger versions.

Me & Michael (married, good friend) but LOOK AT ALL THE MEN AROUND ME, can it GET any better than that???

Here's the truck from earlier stories, notice how cute Bambi (yes, that's her real name and no, she's not a stripper) and the Knitting Virgin look, then look how dorky John and Michael look! HAH!

Now we see why Christine had the woozy stomach, the headache, the works this am....Starting the evening with a couple of beers, a few glasses of wine, and one or two lemon shots, I think I was cranking the diet coke for the last 2 hours to keep myself from repeating the truck incident myself. Don't worry, there was a breathalyzer at the party and I was all good before driving off. Here's the remainder of one of the cool ice shot glasses...very artful picture, no?

All in all, it's a good thing I don't drink that much that old body can't handle it! I was finally able to eat some toast at about 6pm. THAT's how we should lose weight!!! The mere thought of food, not good today.

One oscar comment, did Beyonce's eye shadow/radioactive paint on her eyes when she was doing the Phantom of the Opera song frighten anyone besides me??? She was singing along and instead of listening to the beautiful lyrics, I was freaking out each time she closed her eyes!! It looked like they fused actual metal on there.

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