Friday, February 04, 2005

this n that

Goal for the day bit: Eat no chocolate for one day. Goal was broken at 11:30am when I walked past the damn bowl of peppermint patties the bossman very nicely put out. I would like to make it through ONE STINKING DAY of not eating chocolate. Mark told me he is losing weight by eating good 6 days of the week and for that one day, eating whatever and as much as he wants. He said by then, you find that a tiny bit will ease the cravings. I wanna know how to at least eat well ONE day and eat the piles of crap the other 6?

Knitting bit: Brought the kiddos to the Yarn Store where Joey proceeded to flirt and Beth had fun looking through the project books for ideas. Each child brought their own quarters and I paid half on a "real yarn" skein for each of them. Both kids picked out noro yarns, Beth's in a cool blend of reds/pinks/oranges and Joey's had this cool metallic/looking thread running through it. I'd like to make something out of that too! They finger-knitted (kind of like a very loose i-cord made on your fingers) and are both wanting to try needles. I might have to try, we'll see how momma's patience holds out. All in all, I think we'll be able to go back again on a Thurs as I don't think we were too disruptive. They really are good kids (at least in public) so it's fun taking them along and seeing them enjoy something creative! I started a felted hat in green heathery cascade yarn, will try to get it going this weekend.

Political bit: GO Democrats! It's time we called the Bush administration on spending OUR TAX DOLLARS to promote their plans. Let's hope this has a chance to get this passed through: Bush says no to paid pundits

Night life bit: I have a babysitter for Sat. night, not sure yet what I'm going to do. I think Allison may be in town from Denver, so my group of friends may be heading out & about, or I may call Mark & Russell and see what they're up to. As long as I get out of the house for a bit, I'll keep my sanity.

crazy man bit: Had a message from Kenny Rogers (look-alike bad date who was secretly MARRIED guy) that he's off to Paris for a week, but will be thinking of me on Valentine's Day. How sweet. cripes.

Sore butt bit: Roller skating party for Beth's school tonight 4-6pm. Gotta go home & change as I am again wearing the Sam Adams sweatshirt and would like to attend one school activity not dressed in alcoholic propaganda as last time I forgot those mommas were not so nice. I've got a daughter who has progressed to the level of making about 3 rounds of the floor in 2 hours, does NOT want to skate holding hands, does NOT want help, but is so proud when she makes it, it's awesome! Joey has decided he's ready for skating, but becomes a bit of a wimp when the skates go on. Last time I paid $4 each for our skates, and we proceeded to SIT on the little carpeted bump things over by the lockers. He wouldn't even skate on the carpet, so we'll see. I'm hoping not to land on my butt and bruise it like last time. Yup, I'm just as graceful on wheels as I am on heels.

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