Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I have a cool pattern!!

From Sheep in the city, here's what I'm going to try with my new Schaeffer Esperanza yarn! My so called scarf. I don't know if I'll have enough yarn or not, but I think I'm going to try. It looks so cool, kind of a woven looking pattern. I'm either going to do that or maybe a seed stitch.

My hair is driving me nuts. I think I may have to break out the ball cap again, or I could wear the new felted hat I suppose. I HATE HATE HATE my hair...... I know there are bigger things in life to worry about, the war, GW, Condoleeza's face on every stinking news-related website I visit, health issues, medical bills, but NO, I can't get past my HAIR. cripes. I hope the next month passes faster so my super-hero mojo hair can come back to its own.... I'm getting tired of being a calm, quiet little johnson county momma. I wanna be obnoxious, hair-tossing TINA again.... Damn I'm shallow, but hey, that's me.

Jildo, we need to figure out when & where we're going for a mini vacation! Somewhere warm & with margaritas & half-dressed men sounds good to me.

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