Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"I'd rather be a woman than a man. Women can cry, they can wear cute clothes, and they're the first to be rescued off sinking ships." --Gilda Radner

Well, 10 minutes after I left work, the florist came. Bill (my old friend/old boss/sometimes date that moved to SC) had sent a big-ass bunch of flowers and artistic-looking chocolates (so pretty, but not too pretty to eat). The arrangement is the size of a small shrub. The card said "Miss You. With Love, William." All together now, AAAAHhhhhhhh. He is sweet. He's actually sent me chocolate now for 3 years. Three years ago I worked for him and he gave both Linda (the other District Manager) and me Godiva Chocolates, last year we were just friends and he called, said he knew I didn't have a valentine, would I like him to be mine just for lunch? and fed me and gave me a plant and chocolates. I told him today that he's now got a system set up and he will have to give me chocolates every year until I die. When I told him how big the arrangement was (it should probably be in an entryway in a large mansion on Ward Parkway) he said he was looking for something I could hide behind. He knows I miss my little walls and with the big bosses coming in, hiding is a good thing.

Martha gets out March 5th I think I saw on another blog. Go Martha Go! So, will her big protector/biotch prison friends be invited to her dinner parties on the outside?

Got beat ALL three games and totals by a 75 year old woman at the bowling alley last night. Beat bad. She is at least a nice lady, so I didn't mind it too much, but seriously, it was humbling. SEVENTY FIVE YEARS OLD.

I do wish Bill were here this weekend as the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is playing at the Midland on Sat. night. Dammit. I called Jildo to see if she's feeling good enough to come to town for the night. Beth's got a sleepover and Joey's best friend may take him overnight, so I wouldn't even have to pay for a sitter. Not sure yet. I almost called Italian Man, but it would seem a bit desperate right after Vday. I haven't talked with him in about 3 weeks, so I have to have a casual drinks or dinner & drinks eve with him before anything concert-y, too official of a date situation. Young Boy is more of a friend/flirty/sex thing, so also not good for a concert-y date thing. I've got to get out more and meet more people. I realized today that the only men I'm around are bowlers, married or the strange guys you see on the industrial park side of town I work in. MAYBE if I were actually AROUND normal people more often, I'd MEET some of them. Nah, too much work. I'll try to keep working on getting in shape and maybe join a volleyball league or something later. maybe.

It's 8:40am. Can I go home yet?

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