Tuesday, February 22, 2005

PIA scarf finished pictures!

This is Christine with her 6 or more diet cokes per day:

This is Christine WITHOUT her diet coke:

Cripes. I've had two mugs of decaffeinated green tea, two glasses of water, and a cup of chocolate milk right from the cow (Shatto Milk, yummy) and I'm still craving my damn diet coke. It's a good thing I don't do drugs, or I'd be a royal bitch trying to make it through withdrawl symptoms of something serious. I scare myself with just the diet coke dt's.

This artwork is from Matt Doubek, The piece on top is titled "Glamour Head (with Spinach)" and the other one is "Ugly Lady Liberty."


An upclose version of front & back:

One tip, when reading the pattern on this puppy, I'd heard people commenting on how to bind off, and that they all had problems. At first I tried regular bind-off, but ended up with this freakishly skewed thing, then I tried to bind off in pattern, but my sanity level was too low for this, so then I just bound off by knitting together every 2 stitches (they kind of line up that way from the pattern anyway) and I ended up with a finished end that is almost identical to my beginning line. pretty cool. I am going to add fringe anyway as the ends are a bit wider than the scarf, and I'm just a fringy kind of a girl. I may have to make a few more of this thing. I'm not sure it showcases the yarn colorations as it makes kind of a weird pattern with the changes in color, but WTF I don't care, it's DONE. After I finally got the hang of it (and quit having to rip it out over & over) it was almost enjoyable. almost. NO I'M NOT MAKING THE HAT. I don't know enough curse words to see me through that little adventure! NOPE. Well, I might just read the pattern to see what it would take, but NO. Not gonna do it.

On a side note, my damn alternator decided I'd not spent enough $$ yet and was not broke enough to have to starve for the week before the next payday, so it went out on the way to work. I do have about the cutest sexiest guy EVER that always coordinates the vehicles in my family (my folks have bought new cars at this dealership for about 20 years, and I got the hand-me-down of the red blazer, which I LOVE)... I normally flirt a bit each time I go for my oil change and then curse the fact that I don't drive more in my current job so have an excuse to go back more often. About a year ago, I thought he was going to ask me out as he said if he got tickets to some race or other, he'd give me a call since I'd never been to anything Nascar, but I never heard from the guy, so thought, oh well. I didn't even try to flirt today, I was a good girl, and when I was ready to go, he walked me to my car, shut the door, and gave me a definite arm rub (kind of a swirly touch thing) and I thought hmmmmmm. who knows? I have to go back next week for another part on the vehicle, so maybe I'll leave my card and tell him to call me for a drink sometime.
maybe. I do need to get out with a non-gay man sometime so I don't forget how to flirt.

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