Sunday, February 13, 2005

PIA, playdates and rollerblades

First, the PIA scarf has saved its own life. It was just sitting there, mocking me through the closet door, laughing at me...and I kept thinking, I don't really even LIKE the damn thing anymore, and was THIS CLOSE to ripping the whole thing AGAIN and NOT restarting....I thought, hey, THIS could be a couple of buttonhole bags, and I'd LIKE it. Then I thought I am not going to waste this pretty soft yarn on a damn handbag. I am good at frogging stitch by stitch as I have had TOO much practice at this, but this hatch-stitch had me unable to see it until TONIGHT! I did it! I even decided that I may like the damn thing a teeny bit. That's it. Just teeny. Thanks for the offer Camille! I am going to try to make it to the Yarn Store on Thursday, depending on the little guy.

Had tag-team play dates at the house this afternoon. It's funny, everyone always invites my kids over for half a day or so, and I can barely do two hours without going raving insane. It's so much easier to have each child have a friend over, as otherwise the one lonely kid is bugging the other one and ME. I am actually getting pretty good at it, one kid upstairs, one kid downstairs, then SWITCH then snacks, then clean up and get the heck OUT. :) I even had a chance to sit & knit for about 30 minutes during this deal today. Amazing. I was QUEEN of the household, I'd swept the floors, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher AND cleaned two bathrooms, just like June Cleaver minus the heels & pearls. BUT 8 minutes past 3:00, I was getting a bit 11 minutes past 3:00, I was a bit pissy....losing total control of everyone, what was all put away was coming out again, shoes were back off, NO NO NO! In my life I am not that punctual, but OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN, when your children play at my house, and I am looking at that clock, I am READY to toss the little buggars out the door at 3:01! Cripes. Afterwards, we thanked everyone, re-put on shoes, even had a "I think there's something in my pants.." episode that ended with Joey's little friend going home in some of Joey's underwear & sweatpants & socks...YES I had them take potty breaks, but at 3:08, it ALL came streaming out....But, at 3:13pm, shoes were back on, butts were clean, and momma was smiling super-single-mamma saying, Oh, let's do it again soon! And at 3:16 or so, we were all three dozing on the couch and watching Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. All in all a pretty good day.

You know, in the last two weeks I've been rollerskating AND iceskating with the kids. I think I'm almost ready for rollerblades. I am NOT the most graceful person in the world, but I just may get a bit wild and pick some up. I could take roller-blading breaks from work, how much fun would that be???

Wed. night I'm heading downtown to be a volunteer server at the VIP night of the CF wine tasting event. I'm supposed to wear white shirt, black pants and serve very rich people wine.....PLEASE God, don't let me spill red wine on a rich old lady, please please please. I am so clumsy I asked to be one of the "greeters" but that job was taken. At least if I spill it on someone, let it be a REALLY rich handsome STRAIGHT guy that's NOT married and thinks my eyes are so beautiful it makes up for the stain..... yeah, right.

I may just sit myself down and knit on the PIA scarf while grooving out to my new passion, the old time radio from live365. LOVING that! I got all into the Ozzie & Harriet episode the other day!

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