Tuesday, February 15, 2005

oh crap

Well, I just realized the bigwigs are in town at the END of a pay period today. That wouldn't be too bad, except the last few times they've been here, less employees were left. Last time, one flew into town to fire some employees at the other company they own. The time before was the big Christmas massacre in the dungeon. Before that, each time one employee was sent out the door with her paycheck in hand and always at 4:45pm on the 15th or 31st.

I was just starting to get into the swing of the new business thing down here. I hope it stays a while longer.

I'm going to go cheer myself up by picking up lunch at a little soup & sandwich counter supposedly next to the local firestation. Maybe I can see some firemen. That'll always cheer a girl up. Eyecandy to go with my chocolate candy.

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