Tuesday, February 08, 2005

OH OH OH I went to the LYS and spent some $$$

OH MY GOD, It was like the impending snow storm had all of southern kc knitters out shopping in desperation at Knit Wits. I'm sure the Yarn Store & Studio were rocking as well. It was like these women thought they would be snowbound and unable to get new knitting supplies....screw the food, we want YARN dammit! As I went into the store this afternoon, one of the ladies looked at me with her arms carrying two big bags full of yarn and said, "I mean, if I'm stuck in the house WITH my children, I've at least GOT to have yarn." I agreed and went indoors to spend my money as well. I was actually just needing some cascade to make the bucket hat from ChicKnits. She's also got some good free patterns on her site. While there, I saw the Schaeffer yarn Esperanza (70% lambswool 30% alpaca) was on clearance for $10 off, so I got some to make some scarves for the show next fall. It's very VERY soft and looks like the Schaeffer bumpy yarn I used for my other scarves that I've received so many compliments on, but when I just do plain old garter stitch, it's just not what I was looking for. I spent some time knitting & frogging & knitting & frogging to try some different ribbed patterns, but don't really know what I want to do with it. I'll add pics tomorrow and see what you guys think. I may try to find an old stitch n bitch book to see what the "ribbed for her pleasure" scarf used for a pattern.

I saw a bunch of Debbie Bliss merino on sale which would make a great sweater, but I couldn't afford to spend any more and I want to have an actual pattern in mind before I just go crazy and buy MORE STINKING YARN....I have a cedar lined dresser full of yarn I've bought and need to use up!

What else, Oh I went to lunch with some friends from the old dungeon days. It was nice to see them both again, we will have to keep doing that every few weeks! The only thing missing was our San Antonio Lady! No gossip session is quite right with out her there. Miss you! I don't think I was too supportive, as I was talking about how I'm trying to hold onto my little job for every last penny because trying to get a job in this current market sucks. Then I went, oops, as they're currently trying to get jobs now. It really does suck. I hate doing resumes and interviews and sending those GOD-AWFUL cover letters and thank you notes, and schmoozing and the like.

Big bosses are coming to town next week, so since I've been "flying below radar" and haven't been called to the conference room since December, I'm sure I'm in for a few talks next week. I am actually working a lot harder now than I've ever worked there which is strange as now there's less people being involved with all the details. Maybe that's the key. You leave me alone, I get work done. As long as I'm not trying to impale my eardrums with pencils to avoid my next-door desk mate. She was better today, as I figured out if I play my 1940's old time radio shows a little too loud, she gets annoyed and quits talking. Ah HA! I do get a kick out of the old time ads. Apparently there was a lot you had to do to be the perfect wife and keep your husband happy and a lot of it had to do with the brand of coffee you used or if you used "tooth polish" or not. I, myself, was a fan of the tooth polish, but must not have used the correct brand of coffee as I'm a scandalous divorced woman now.... and lovin it.

Survived the brownie meeting this afternoon, and actually taught finger knitting to about fifteen 8 yr old hyper girls. We had this place QUIET and they were cranking out the knitted rope-like stuff. Even my little 5yr old Joey was helping teach the girls how to wrap the yarn & get going. It was cool. We had big fat cupcakes with about 3 inches of icing on top, the sugary kind not the whipped cream fake icing, so it was a SERIOUSLY FAT TUESDAY for me!

Happy Chinese New Year too! What are you the year of? This is the year of the Rooster, last year was my year (year of the monkey). See what your Chinese 2005 horoscope is for you.

Hit the jackpot at the half price bookstore on the way to bowling last night, picked up and old Sinatra and an old Tony Bennet cds and a box of "Swingin" notecards. NOT that kind of swingin', the big band era girls with HIPS in slinky dresses, guys in white jackets and cigarettes, and lots of martini kind of swingin'. I think I'm going to frame some of the cards, and I'm a sucker for cool boxes. Got all of it for under $10.

Met with the school nurse for Joey next year in Kindergarten to get things set up for his meds etc. It should work out, except she's only in the school half time and he'll have to work with whatever office staff is around the other times each time he needs to eat for snacks & lunch, but I think it'll work ok. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the school nurse we have there and will enjoy having only one place to pick up kids next year.

Ms. San Antonio, thanks for the info on Gordy. I'll send a card off tomorrow. Take care of yourself and enjoy that new house!

I think I have the "Jildo's Dildo Case" purse designed. I'm felting it now, and since I have that damn gentle washer, it will need another couple of cycles tomorrow. I'm interested to see how the bag turns out. Tina's Tote is just needing some black eyelash yarn for accents along the top and it'll be ready for the washer too. I've decided to keep the hat I made as I like it and it was really snow/water proof today. COOL! I am looking for a better pattern to use for sale items as the crown was a bit bumpy on this one.

Huyen is going in to have her little baby tomorrow! I'm so excited! She was one of the girls I went to Chicago with and just LOVE her! They all went out for Chinese New Year dinner, but I was scared to drive in the snow with the kids, so I bailed out and stayed home. Can't wait to meet the new little baby girl!

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