Friday, February 25, 2005

Gotta love Kansas

It's getting to be if someone asks where I'm from, I might just have to make up something. My little twang wouldn't give me away if I said I was from Chicago would it? or from the east coast?

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday, " Bigoted as you think" and it really spoke to me. Our lovely state spent MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS of dollars coming up with a new slogan of " big as you think." I guess "the Land of Ahs" wasn't cutting it and instead of spending our hard earned tax dollars on feeding the poor, educating our children, etc, we came up with a slogan. great.

Not only are we making national news with our evolutionary battles (now we get stickers that say "Evolution is a theory, not a proven fact" and school boards are battling to teach the good ol' Adam and Eve theory as equal with evolution in our history classes. Then our Blue Valley school district is leading the way in censorship with banned books of most of the classics that helped my little educated self learn about the world and DIFFERENT points of view (I know, that D word is very frightening for most Kansans.....Darwin started with a D, Different starts with a D, with a D, maybe we should ban that letter too.)

NOW, our Attorney General is on the march....wanting PRIVATE records of clinics that have performed abortions or provided birth control (seen as the same thing by a majority of the right-to-lifers). Yup, PRIVATE records because he's avenging under-age sex and late term abortions. No, there's no proof any of that has occurred, but he thinks HE should have access to a number of women's PRIVATE records so he can just make sure everything's ok. The man was just recently blocked by a federal judge to require medical personnel to report all knowledge of under-age sexual activity so he can prosecute. Does this guy sound a bit like McCarthy????? We've got politicians riding the tide of the Christian Right, violating rights wherever they see fit in the name of the law and the ethical thing to do and crap like that. I'm getting SICK of it. And, of course, I have TOTAL FREAKING FAITH in our political leaders that they will keep records confidential, total faith. I'm sure some poor lady who had a difficult time in life, made a decision and went on with her life will be publicly outed to the not-always-sane abortion opponents, churches, right-to-life groups and the like. No, Kansans wouldn't do that. Call me crazy, but isn't there something else our beloved Attorney General could be spending his time and OUR MONEY on besides furthering his personal agenda??? Like PROSECUTING CRIMINALS???? Sending a message by PUTTING A KILLER IN JAIL???? Call me crazy, but I'm getting a bit sick of it all.

I'll be less ranting and more knitting later. I'll also give an update on the mamogram & sonogram I'm going for today. Ick. Ah well, at least the place is in the same shopping center as Knit Wits!! I've got 3 skeins of Schaefer Esperanza that need winding into balls, so I'll drop them off before-hand.

On a happy note, I've had all kinds of little listeners add my new station to their presets, so I'm officially a real station! Thanks for listening! Good music to knit by

I'm off to try not to be so pissy about my DAMN CONSERVATIVE BACK-WOODS PERSECUTING MCCARTHY-ERA state that I used to be so proud of and get my boobies squished.

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