Thursday, February 03, 2005

An actual KNITTING post, can you believe it?

I went to the Knitting Meet-Up meeting last night and could only stay for about an hour, but LOVED it! I was so nervous about trying to teach Phuong to knit, so I asked if anyone wanted to teach a better way, and WOO HOO the ladies helped out and when I left, Phuong was cranking out the stitches with this smooth motion in continental form. I guess I knit traditional, but did learn the cool knit cast-on. It didn't make sense there at the meeting, but once I got home I tried it out, and am LOVING it! There's nothing more frustrating than casting on over 100 stitches with long-tail and realizing your tail wasn't quite long enough..... We're going to the Yarn Store on 80th street just west of Metcalf tonight at 6pm and I'm bringing the munchkins. Beth isn't sure if she wants to learn yet, but Joey really does. I figured they'd just play gameboys and play in the kiddie corner, but you never know. Amanda, I'm sorry I wasn't a better teacher, if you want to come out on a Wed. night, you can learn more from them! Apparently this WAS at the Starbucks by KUMed Center. I grew up in this city, and swear to God, I never know where anything is. I had no idea I was anywhere near KUMed. I have also realized I can get almost anywhere in this city in 20 minutes. After cussing out those "damn Johnson County drivers" lost near the plaza/westport area when one of the blond dingbats went slowly by the WRONG WAY on a one way road next to me on that curvy-road from Ward Parkway to SW Trafficway thing...then I'm driving down SW Trafficway and realized, oh crap, I can't turn left anywhere.... and missed the last good road to do the turn right and go around thing, so ended up at the bottom of a hill, turning left from the right-hand lane (no cops around or oncoming traffic) and figured I'd cursed myself when I was bagging on the poor lady earlier. Serves me right!

Helen, here's the link to my family blog I set up for my grandparents & aunts & uncles & such to keep up with us:
My little family blog. It is SO simple to get started and then your kids can keep up with you & your hubby when you retire! You can set it up so family members can post on your blog as well, it's really neat for kids to read about their cousins, etc. Also, I am LOVING your knitting! That triangle rib thing was COOL! You need to come out on a Wed. eve and have some coffee & do some stitchin with the ladies!

Went home, watched the W-man do his speech, watched the response, knitted along and went to bed. How badly do we need a new leader? We need a charismatic, energetic, intelligent without seeming too lofty, leader that can get people to believe again, rebuild OUR country and get our troops safely home. That song is in my head today...."I'm hanging out for a hero...." We'll see.

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