Monday, February 21, 2005

Hi ho, hi ho, off to the boobie doctor I go...

Well crap. The boobie bumps are back. I like to call them that because the official name is too long. I get those damn cysts in my breasts and apparently they like to come back just so they can be sucked out by long needles every couple of years while I lay on a table with sonogram gel all over me and watch the needle on the computer screen. Ick. I do have a wonderful breast specialist, so I know he's good, but DAMMIT it's hard to lay still while that needle is going from one to the other through perfectly good breast tissue. Last year I had a growth that was not malignant, and had it removed as it was growing pretty fast, but I think these are just the regular pain-in-the-breast kind.

I also think it sucks that I have such LITTLE breasts and yet have to put up with this crap. My dr. told me I'm lucky to be small chested, as it's easier to find the lumps and then the needle doesn't have to go in so far. Yup, that's lucky. I'd rather have the needle have to boogie through a B cup instead of my little half-A, but I'm healthy, I'm here and shouldn't bitch. I shouldn't, but you know I have to.

Quiet weekend. I finished the PIA scarf and actually ended up liking the damn thing. I'll add pics later. I think I'd better take the plain ol' Schaefer bumpy garter stitch scarf today, so I can knit without thinking.

I realized NO ONE pissed me off all weekend. I actually didn't go very many places, but still, I never even ranted or pouted. strange. I did get mildly irritated with a driver ahead of me that stopped for a yellow light when I was planning on cruisin on through, but then saw it was a very old little woman, so it's all good. People that get mad at old people for driving slow REALLY PISS ME OFF! First of all, these seniors deserve our respect. Second of all, do you really want little Miss Daisy crusing down the road at 60 mph when her reaction time would be better served at 20 mph? Think about it. and be nice. dammit. (hey, I have to rant a bit, or my mojo gets all out of whack.)

Think happy thoughts for my little boobies, no, actually, that sounds pretty creepy. You'd better not.

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