Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm back

Well, it was no biggie at the dr's today after all. We ended up deciding that I need new mamogram & ultrasounds done on both bumps. I've got one in each breast, he thinks it'll probably be cysts that we can get rid of with the dreaded needle, but just in case I've got an appt Friday morning so they can see if the bumps are liquid (good) or solid masses (bad). Then we'll see. He says a lot of caffeine can make cysts more tender and larger, so I'm OFF CAFFEINE for 2 weeks. I'm not supposed to go cold turkey as that almost killed me (and everyone around me) when I was pregnant with my daughter. I drink an unholy amount of diet coke, it's my very very very very favorite food or drink substance (even over chocolate, can you believe it???) and the caffeine free stuff tastes like CRAP and just makes the fact that I don't have the good stuff that much harder to deal with, so I'm up for a fun few weeks.

I almost fell asleep three times while bowling tonight. Not while actually throwing the ball, but every time I sat down I'd start to doze....When the dr and I had our talk and he showed me how tender my little bumps were (after poking, pushing, rolling them around, etc OWWWW) I poured out my beautiful 32 oz. plastic just starting to bead with condensation, beautiful bubbly QT diet coke in the sink.... It's only been 12 hours and I can hardly keep my eyes open through a normal day. Look out basement, I may be very bitchy for a while.

only knitting accomplished today was about 15 minutes of a bumpy garter stitch scarf while waiting at the dr's office. I just can't keep my eyes open any longer, good night. I hope tomorrow's a bit more interesting than today.

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