Saturday, February 12, 2005

My PIA Scarf if FUXXED UP!!!!! and Ice Skating Fun

CRAP ALMIGHTY, I'm so tempted to rip this whole DAMN scarf out again, but will not since I have made it through about 1 1/2 feet. I've somehow lost a stitch in the row below and can't frog it without ripping the whole thing out, so I think I'll just put it in a bag, ignore it and maybe it will fix itself. Why can't those damn closet ghosts we have that leave the sliding doors about an inch open every so often and shrink my pants so I can't zip without stopping breathing just fix the stitch for me? Are they not knitting ghosts? Maybe I'll bring it out and try to hit the Thurs. night group at the Yarn Store and see if someone will take pity on me. AAAUUURRRGGGHHH I really like the look & feel of this scarf or it would be history. It's not even that difficult of a stitch at all, you just have to pay attention. DAMMIT

Now what will I knit??? I cranked out a little purse with a flap out of noro kureyon (what else?) and it only used one skein. ALL of one skein, I was pushing it on the icord srap. If it's cute, I'll do more. I'll felt it up tomorrow and put a pic on after it's done. The great idea of making my own version of the booga bag, just small enough for a cell phone, lipstick and condoms for a night on the town kind of backfired. It felted pretty enough, but is just not the right shape for a small bar/bag thing. Back to the drawing board. I had the BEST barbag through college but it finally wore out and was looking pretty old and I tossed it a few years ago. I need to recreate it as it was the BEST for wearing out and dancing all night!

I'm officially totally broke. I had to use quarters today at my daughter's ice skating party we went to to rent my skates. QUARTERS. sad, isn't it? Great money managing skills, too much yarn, too much medical copays, payday is not until Wednesday. Good thing we have a house full of food and a car full of gas!

Ice skating is not for the wimpy. My daughter had never been on ice skates and is not the most confident on roller skates, so I thought I'd better stick around. Also, as we were heading into the rink, a little girl just about her size was being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher, which did not raise the confidence level of our little 2nd grade group. My thighs and lower hips got a serious workout. I need to incorporate more ice skating into my daily life. I'd be a hottie! OK, maybe not since I'm mostly lazy, but still, it felt good to get out there. All the girls were saying "Beth's mom, take me for a skate!" I said, ok as soon as I take Beth around one time. Then about 10 yards from the entrance, we wiped out majorly and then no one wanted to skate with Beth's mom. It was all "Kate's Dad, skate with us!" Beth realized it was actually kind of fun to fall, didn't hurt (since she landed on ME) and got over her major fear of skating. Then it was just inching our way around the rink, and once she regained confidence in me, we actually left the wall and would make a few rounds before she went out to sit & watch & play games. I'm thinking when it's time to teach Joey, I'll knock him over at the beginning too. Good strategy.

Also, had a Jesus sighting at the Ice Chateau. You know, back in the day, I'm sure the flowing beard and hair were quite stylish, but in 2005 southern Johnson County combined with a lovely aran sweater, the look is quite creepy. PLUS, this guy didn't seem to be with anyone, just sitting there in the stands watching us skate. I did "MOM PATROL" to make sure no one wandered off or went to the bathroom by themselves as he just creeped me out. I had the song "What if God were one of us.....just a stranger on the bus..." going through my head and then I thought, no, if Jesus decided to come down and hang out, he'd probably be smart enough to get with the times and wear jeans & tshirt or polo shirt or something. Probably not look just like a creepy old guy. Just a guess, but I figure God's pretty hip.

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