Friday, September 03, 2004

Jildo's coming to town!

"But old women are different from everybody else; they say what they think."
--Ursula LeGuin

Jildo's coming to town! Woo Hoo! I think we realized we were kindred souls from the first time we met (no we're not lesbians, but I LOVE her). We were both young women who said exactly what was on our minds at almost all times. That in itself is not a big deal, but we were in a sorority of about 60 women at the time. I was always in the "inappropriate behavior" discussions with the officers. I was not necessarily a "good influence" with our younger members. Jildo was much more obnoxious, but somehow knew just when to smile and look passive, something I still have not learned. Oh well, life goes on.

My best memories of wild times were with this chic. Padre Island, Panama City, every afternoon & evening heading out. Going "to the library" aka rolling our drunk butts down the middle of the main street in town home from the bars, sitting on the front steps soaking up sunshine and making the trek down for a diet coke from the convenience store...driving down the road with all the windows down and air conditioning on playing Violent Femmes, sitting up talking all night eating m&m's and popcorn and diet dr. pepper... HAIR SPRAY, Red Door perfume (which I still wear), fun times. Man that crap makes me feel old.

If I hear "don't worry" from one more owner, I might just start worrying about the stability of the company...except I'm secretly hoping to be laid off so I can get unemployment, knit, finish the 2 classes I'm in, get a job that actually pays enough money to be able to eat, take off some time and actually see my kids after 7:30 am or before 5:30pm. BUT, the big problem is if they actually close down, I'd be here till the bitter end as I'm the one that gets the invoices ready to send out to keep money coming in. I keep hearing "job security" "job security". Gotta get myself organized.

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