Sunday, September 12, 2004

Weekend's over...

Well, perfectly BEAUTIFUL weekend in KC. Nothing social, just hung around with the kids. It was kind of refreshing. While my daughter went to a cheerleading camp on Sat. afternoon, I sat & worked on her poncho. It's now almost 9" long. I have to admit those little balls of Berroco are lasting a lot longer than I imagined. I have so many projects I want to start, but am forcing myself to get this one DONE before branching out.

My new dilemma is we have 2 LYS's now, which is a Good Thing as Martha would say, but I always seem to have the wrong shop's stuff with me when I want to go in and sit & stitch. I am working on the poncho (yarn from Knit Wits) when I wanted to head into the Yarn Store (they have a great little kids corner where my munchkins can occupy themselves and have fun while I sit & stitch & chat. Then the yarn I think I want to use for the sexy tank for me is at the Yarn Store, but I KNOW I'll need a lot of help on it and the best help is at Knit Wits plus I work just a few minutes from there, so I can zip in over my lunch break when I'm stuck. How tacky is that?

I also was roaming around Michael's yesterday and picked up some Caron Jewel Box in Jade and it's this amazing mix of jade & taupe with a hint of gold thread mixed in as well. Thought I might try it for the tank top as it's cute and a LOT cheaper than what I've been looking at, but it just works up too thick to hit gauge, and I'm NOT going less than the recommended size 3 needles. I'll try to find something else to use it for.

Life crap--> Sticking to my decision to change my life and quit my bitchin...ok, I don't think it's possible for me to quit bitching, but I can work towards a goal at least.... I got financial aid applied for, almost have the resume up and running and jogged 2 miles today. OH, I decided I'm getting a new job, applying for grad school/teacher certification AND I'm going to run a marathon. OK, those of you who know me can stop laughing now...JILDO...I have not run more than 20 minutes on purpose for the last few years. I got all inspired by this article about a mom of 2 sick CF kids who was tired of being overweight, stressed and felt no control of her life, so she signed up for a triathalon. She trained around everything in her life, got a bunch of sponsors and made all this $$ for CF. NOW she's being flown to Hawaii for the iron man competition and the iron man she just competed in in SWITZERLAND donated a bunch to CF and the Hawaii event is listing the CF Foundation as their main charity. I'm not getting that crazy, but I'm going to run. It might take me a dang year to get there, but I'm thinking Chicago wouldn't be a bad city to run around...good shopping and good food there too. Plus, have you ever seen a chubby marathoner?

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