Thursday, September 30, 2004

The bathroom saga continues....

It seems Miss Hateful was not happy about being asked to clean the bathroom. She DOES get paid for cleaning duties on top of her regular pay, so it's not like anyone's asking for any work outside her little job description or anything. So we ladies in the local office receive quite possibly the most inappropriate office email I've ever seen. Here's the text:

Subject line: "No self-cleaning fixtures here"

"I have been nominated to inform everyone of the problem we have been having in the ladies room. It seems that while some of us are on our cycle, we don't seem to notice the mess we leave behind. Please be aware of this and take extra precaution to clean up your own messes. I have heard complaints on the toilet seat, visible waste in the trash, and it doesn't much effort to flush an extra time."

I will say I am ALWAYS a 2 flusher if it is necessary. Our toilet is so dirty I almost cleaned the darn thing myself just to feel better. HHHmmmmm wonder why we've had a bug infestation in there and in the kitchen.....hhhmmmmm I guess mopping the floor IS a good idea. The trash has always been put in the trashcan, it's not like anyone's being nasty, bathrooms just need to be CLEANED for God's sake.

I don't know why, but that just made me laugh. I almost had to go use the nasty facilities myself. Good thing I'm not "on my cycle" now, or I might have had to take "extra precautions". OK, so I'm a dork, but it's funny. Just CLEAN the damn BATHROOM and GET OVER YOURSELF.

Today I'm feeling a bit..

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