Monday, September 27, 2004

I did it!!! Finished Projects!!

I am amazed at what I can get accomplished when I take time to knit and don't sleep, eat or go out. :) No, that's not true, I ate like a piggy all weekend long and spent lots of time with the kids, but I also knitted a TON.

I put the last of the fringe on my daughter's poncho at 11:30pm last night and she wore it to school today! I also completed the scarf for her school's auction and it is COOL. Soft, funky and fun. I'll add pic's and details of what yarn I used once the is up & running again. Looks like they got hit with hackers, and had software & hardware problems as well. Apparently if you donated $$ to the site, your photos are up again. Since I'm cheap, and use the free service, I'll be waiting for a while. NOW I realize that I should have backed up all the photos I had there....but nope, I'm lazy. NEXT time I'd better do some backups.

I've been trying to find something fun to make for a boy that is not a sweater, socks, hat or scarf for Joey. Amanda gave me a brilliant idea of making a backpack out of my army/camoflauge looking Schaeffer yarn for him. COOL! He'll be all excited.

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