Friday, September 24, 2004

Knit-In this weekend!

I'm on a mission to complete some projects. And start AND complete a project. One way or another, I'm knitting my fingers like FIRE this weekend and going to get the poncho for my daughter DONE. That one may or may not get accomplished, but it's my goal. I'm also going to start and complete a scarf for my daughter's school's charity auction. I have to go pick up the yarn still, so that one will be my project for Sat.

We're supposed to have pretty weather this weekend, so I plan on letting the little monsters run around outdoors and sitting on my butt in the sun and knit knit knit.

I couldn't help it, I started the sexy tank top and it is going to be SO cool. I worked on it last night instead of finishing my resume and folding laundry or working on Beth's poncho. I think the yarn I picked up at Knit Wits will work. I think this will be my reward knitting project...If I get 3 more inches done on the poncho, I can work a few rows of the tank.... I'm trying to motivate myself in ways OTHER than eating oreos. BUT now I found out they have peanut putter filled oreos....I'm a goner.

I've also got to keep listing stuff on eBay at least until I can again see the floor in my bedroom. I've got all these crates and crates of crap to sell...old clothes, new shoes, new clothes, craft crap, kids stuff...but it takes time to get them on there.

NO social life whatsoever this weekend. I think I'd better shave the old legs just in case since I normally only do that before a hot date (or a leukwarm date) or before I go work out. Since I've had no dates for the last 2 weeks and cancelled my Wed. workout, it could get really scary.

Wow, what a wild life! I am going out next weekend with friends to raise a little heck, so I'm actually looking forward to my antisocial weekend coming up!

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