Monday, September 27, 2004

Can you feel the hate from there???

SO, little miss Hateful is in rare form today. I was all happy because she is getting married...(not happy for her, happy for ME) as she will be GONE for 6 days of work! woo hoo! How will I ever get through my day without that little dose of pure evil each morning when I start my day? Not to worry, as she is giving out extra little evil glares, slamming doors, stomping, eye rolling and complaining-to-bosses-about-me more than ever, so I can save some of this fun for those empty days when she will be gone.

One funny note, though. I did ask our controller (supposedly her boss, but everyone here is scared of the evil one) to ask her to mop the bathroom floor before leaving for her honeymoon. He said, Oh, she does that each week...I said, no, there's some stains of unmentionable stuff that have been there for over 6 weeks and new ones just appeared 2 weeks ago and are still there. He looked a little faint (I really just said "unmentionable", I didn't give the nasty details) and said he'd talk with her about it....the drama goes on.

I added spider guts and a squished cockroach to the lovely floor today. I wiped up the bug, but still some of the crud remains...ICK. I couldn't help it, I had to wonder, what the HELL are those little dark red spots doing on the floor out half-way between the toilet and the cabinet where our "lady supplies" are kept? Then I had to wonder, even if some nasty woman was hopping around trying to wipe or put something in somewhere and she left this little trail 6 weeks ago, couldn't she figure out what she was doing or why did she have to leave more 2 weeks ago?????? IIICCCKKKKK. Sorry. If I didn't write it, I'd say it and that is not appropriate work conversation.

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