Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My Wild Aunt Dot, the Knitress

My wild Aunt Dot has a lot of personality, lives in CA, just retired from teaching and was a big-time negotiator with NEA and just has a lot of sass. I love her. She said people ask her what she's going to do now that she's retired and she tells them she's going to be a knitress. She's fallen in love with this passionate knitting world and now cranks out cute hats & scarves and is going to a WEEK of knitting lessons in MEXICO next week. Can you believe it? Three hours of knitting lessons in the morning and shopping and eating in the afternoons. Is that a dream or what???? Guess I have to get a CAREER before I can retire.

Dot's son Kevin is my cousin on the linked blog who is working over in Iraq and sending emails home of his adventures. Here's a picture of my aunt Mary, cousin Kevin, and wild Aunt Dot at a castle in England on Kevin's R&R break from Iraq:

here's Kevin's adventures in blog form with pic's of Iraq stuff:

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