Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Scarf day

"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done."

That's about the story of my life. I sewed in the ends on the donation scarf while stuck waiting at the train crossing. I forgot to get a picture snapped, but I'm making another one for an Xmas present, so I'll get that one for my little knitting journal book & blog. Also this morning I got together a big ol basket of cross stitch kits, floss and a couple of books to give to the auction also. I sure hope someone bids on them or I'll be all looking the other way when I hear "who's the loser who dontated that crap?" Ah well, maybe the rich little jo co mommies like crafty stuff. We'll see. If not, I'll buy the dang things back. :)

It was just cool enough this am to wear my fun, colorful Schaeffer yarn scarf to work. I actually wore it until a few minutes ago as it was colder than heck down in the dungeon. It's always a calming feeling to wear something you've made and love. My daughter was so excited about her poncho, she wore it all dang day yesterday (and it ended up 85 degrees in the afternoon). I talked her into taking it off and cooling down when I picked her up. We'll snap pics of her too, Joey is now helping design his "spiderman & GI Joe backpack" that I'm going to make for him. I wonder if Schaeffer yarn felts? I think it should, but will call the LYS to see what they say.

I'm just mellow yellow today. Here, calm, centered and all that.

Jildo, I love you, hope you have some pain-free days or that your mommo will unlock the pain pills cabinet and get you feeling happy. Maybe you could pop out a few extra pain pills and eat some chicken nuggets and cookies! NOPE, then you might gain a pound (gasp). Take care and FEEL BETTER!

I'm entirely too calm today, it's almost frightening. OH, don't worry, as I have to sit down with the hateful one to train on part of her job to do while she's out getting mallied (Sixteen Candles).

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