Thursday, September 09, 2004

Making Plans

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans."
--John Lennon

I think my new life plan might actually work. I'm tired of watching the world go by while I'm in the basement limbo level of hell. I had to sign up to be a "treats only, not helper" on 2 of my daughter's brownie meetings last night. It would be 2 days that I would come in early to work and have to leave by 3pm (gasp) which would, of course, mean "preferential treatment" which is the new sin down here. I don't know why, but signing that form and checking the "not helper" box really solidified my decision to DO SOMETHING about my life.

I went home, put the kids to bed, and talked with Dad about my plan. He actually didn't do his classic "my daughter is a flake" sigh but did give his "get the degree first..." spiel. I said I'm almost done there and making progress. I should be all completed by mid-October. He suggested I talk with a few people about working part-time and see if I can get financial aid to do school full-time instead of doing the long program I was originally looking at. Mom gave one of her "I'll wait and see" looks but didn't roll her eyes or make any negative comments, so I took that as a good sign. Dad said if I'm really serious I should keep going on the plan and he'd help out where he could. MAN I got blessed with the best parents and they got cursed with this daughter who turned them prematurely gray!! But, I did pop out a few lovable munchkins, so that helps.

Felt so good that I sat down and knitted a storm on my daughter's poncho... It's now about 4 inches long but it went really fast. Hopefully she'll get to wear it when it starts getting chilly.

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