Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Billy Graham and Boobies

Driving home from Worlds of Fun the other day, I saw a big ol billboard of Billy Graham with an expression I think he meant to be holy, but it looked constipated to me. The funny thing was, across the road, directly where his eyes were aiming their holy look was a billboard for one of the stip clubs, one of those signs where boobs are hanging out of everything and you have to look twice to make sure there's any clothes on them at all. It made me chuckle.

So, the hateful one is spreading her cheer. It's now "hate by association" down in the cellar. My co-conspirator and one of the few non-crazies at work has now dropped (or raised) to the level of incurring the hateful one's wrath just by breathing. How much energy does that take to be that evil? We wandered next door for our daily 5 minute break/$.28 refill/chat session and she comes storming (actually stomping) up the stairs behind us, stomps all the way to the Mr. Goodcents, and stomps her little self back down the stairs to work, slamming doors on the way. I must be in an irreverent mood today, or something.

Worked my little fingers till they were getting crampy on my daughter's poncho. I'll take a new pic and update tonight. It's now almost 14" long, and I'm getting ready to be DONE. How will I ever survive making a sweater???? Bigger yarn, but I love the delicate look of the sexy tank I want to make....maybe if I crank out a fun scarf at the same time I will feel like I'm making progress on something...

I'm feeling a bit

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