Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"Success didn't spoil me; I've always been insufferable."
--Fran Lebowitz

I would make the BEST spoiled rich bitch! I can already do flamboyant, flakey, passionate, SHOP, and can be an absolute pain in the butt...all I need is the money honey...

Various strange things in my head today...the hateful one is in a real peach of a mood, which I normally wouldn't notice as she hates me even on her "good days", but WOW. I just smile sweetly and look her in the eyes with my dingy, flirt with the old guys look and you can just hear her teeth grinding across the room...I never said I wasn't petty, I get my little kicks where I can.

Had to call a purchasing manager in IL today and his name was Kenny McFarland, the same name of the first boy that kissed me! I totally forgot about poor little Kenny. He was skinny, could do wheelies on his bike and was just coooool. He gave me a little Valentine's day heart candy that said "kiss me" and then pushed me down on the playground. I got up, pushed him on his butt, he got up and kissed me, then rode his bike down the road.... smooth. That was about the extent of the great romance. This wasn't him. The guy sounded about 95 years old with a serious NY accent. Fun remembering though.

Jildo, thanks for calling today!! I loved hearing your friendly voice!!! I think it pissed off the hateful one even more as she was SO pleasant telling me who was on the phone... :) Get over it. Hang in there babe, check back soon, I'm going to try to put a tag board on the blog so everyone can chat back & forth and see comments and stuff.

I'm going to KNIT KNIT KNIT tonight and list list list more crap on eBay!!! Going to try to run my sad little 2 miles again, it's a good thing I'm stubborn.

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