Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Going to Knit Wits!!

"Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life."

I'm tired of life going by without me. I resolved to live more in the moment. I know, I know, that sounds like almost every other blog out there, but baby steps here. Last night while Beth was in her little CCD (Catholic Sunday-school on Tuesday night thing), Joey and I spent 30 min's roaming around Hen House (LOVE that store) and had more fun. Then we went and colored outside the school waiting for Beth. Normally when the little ones are busy with an art project or "creation" I'm busy running around doing whatever. I sat down last night and shared a box of 8 crayons and had a BLAST. We went home, got baths, snacks, brushed teeth and went to bed. It was a very domestic, calm, amazing night.

I made 5 different gauges last night of every needle/yarn combo I could think of to see if I could find what I want to use for the sexy tank. I got close, but the one satiny/tapey/thing I thought I could use, looked GORGEOUS, but was just not big enough. It lost the good texture when I used 2 strands and smaller needles, so I'm going to head over to Knit Wits to see if I can't use up that merchandise credit I got when I returned the first set of threads & yarns I bought for it. I'm so excited, I can't stand it.

Also decided for our elementary school's big auction I'm going to whip up a funky scarf in red/black/burgandy splash yarn and give that plus a gift certificate to the Yarn Store (closer to the parents) for a class or for yarn. With how trendy knitting has come and how trendy all the little rich stay-at-the-country-club moms are, it should be a good deal. I t would suck if no one bid on my auction donation.

I've had 2 diet cokes already and am working on my green tea, and am just feeling kind of

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