Sunday, September 19, 2004

nothing nothing anywhere

So, life is just here. Not bad, not good, just here.

I did have a nice weekend, interesting at least. I learned I am NOT a cosmopolitan drinker. Nope. I don't think I'll drink anything pink for at least two years.

First, my daughter had TOO much fun doing the little junior cheerleader thing at SME. Mostly they stood out on the track and watched the cheerleaders jump around, but she did her share of jumping also. Joey was amazed at the up-close action of the football game and had fun too. I was flashing back to my old band-geek days of fun...

Went home, my cousin came over and I went to "stop by" the 2nd grade parent party to drop off my donation for the elementary auction. They organized these little snack & drink parties that were supposed to last from 7-9pm. Apparently the 2nd grade rich parents at the grade school were not so uptight...all the other parties were shut down at 9:30, I found myself sitting outside on a beer cooler chatting with 8 married men. I thought, this is NOT a good thing for me, (I was TOTALLY behaving myself) but still, NOT a good situation. I went back to being the good little woman and hung out back inside with the rest of the ladies a while before staggering off the block and a half home. 2 1/2 cosmos and I was barfing half the night and every time Sat. morning I even thought about a pink drink. I had more fun than I would have thought possible there, and sent off little thank-you notes to the hosts and bartenders.

Felt like CRAP Sat, but had free tickets to go to Worlds of Fun with the kids. Thanked the good God above that it was lightning and storming until about lunchtime, so I was able to walk 4 feet without barfing. We ended up having a great day there. Was too pooped to even shave my legs, so cancelled with Italian man, my cousin wanted to come over with his girlfriend in town so she could meet the kids, so I called Russell & Mark and we went out for dinner and then I laid on the couch with my favorite little doggie, Sasha and Russell and I watched about 3 Will & Grace episodes from his dvd collection.

Today I knitted through my 3rd ball of Berroca and the poncho is now 12" long. I left the pattern at work, so can't remember, but think it's supposed to be 19"-24" long with trim. It's starting to resemble a real poncho now, I'm so excited!

Spent some time checking out Lion Brand's new poncho and sweater patterns, and think I'm too damn poor to be a yarn snob, so for my next project, I'm heading to the craft store....maybe. I just can't resist the temptation of those damn LYSs....

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