Wednesday, March 30, 2005

this n that

First of all, I'm tired of this sad pink boring blog. I've GOT to get it updated. I'm going through one of those phases where I start "organizing" aka moving stuff into other piles and places and throwing about 5 big yellow trash bags of CRAP out, and still having more crap than humanly possible crammed into the corners of my life...and I'm feeling that need on this's ALL GOT TO GO, ok, maybe just re-organize things. I have buttons to list, new blogs I read, LOSING THE PINK WOULD HELP, I'm all pinked out, better free patterns, newer pics, AAAUUURRRGGGHHH I can't stand it!!! Hopefully something will be accomplished soon, be patient. One of us has to be.

I was booking right along last night at about 10pm, finding knitting books, magazines, point protectors (THIS is why I can't ever find them when I need them), yarn, and the like in shoe boxes, bags, closets, back of the blazer, and everywhere else you can think of EXCEPT in my nice cedar dresser where it all SHOULD be...anyway...moving along, organizing, making little piles, and then I see I never decided what to do with those three mystery hand-dyed balls from Nyxxie...well, they HAD to have a swatch, now didn't they? It didn't matter that it was 11pm and I had little piles all over the bed, nope. I was swatchin... Got that done, with all three colors in a stipy thing, and thought, OH, maybe it will felt, so it needs ANOTHER swatch, with all three colors of course. Two cadbury eggs later (yes, I STILL have a few in the house dammit) and two diet cokes drunk, I started putting away all the little piles into two really big piles in a different part of the room. (no, I didn't walk my lazy butt downstairs to actually put anything away, that's not how my crazy organizing fits go). Then I saw the sweater. The big ass Eddie Bauer OLD heavy wool sweater that I've had for about 10 years and worn once. It needs to be unraveled and reclaimed and knitted into felted bags. It does. It really really does. My limited ability with unraveling ended last time with the sweater in question being unseamed, the beginnings of unraveling begun, frustration set in (patience? what's patience?) and let's just say it ended up hacked into pieces, stomped on and thrown away. Not very recyclable of me. Wow, it's a good thing I'm not a serial-killer-type person, I could be really scary. So, at 1:30am I have a sleeve unseamed and ready for unraveling. I used the tutorial that I can't seem to find now, but it was on a previous post I think. I don't know, I NEED TO REORGANIZE this damn blog to FIND MY STUFF!!!! ANYWAY, It should be fun, I'm so excited, it's not even funny.

Yesterday for lunch I somehow drove my car to a destination OTHER than chipotle. It took serious willpower but it was done. I ended up in a little minimall at Subway, got a nice little chicken wrap thing that did NOT fill me up and make my belly happy as it is after my steak burrito bowl, but cripes I was turning into Rainman....."I'm a very good driver......steak burrito bowl.....steak burrito bowl......." Then, looking around, I see there are reasons we're all not healthy happy skinny kansans here. The subway is right next door to a liquor store, and on the other side is a Baskin Robbins WITH A DRIVE THRU..... Boy, if they added Chipotle and a yarn store I would never leave.

I swear I almost followed this guy in the parking lot across the city instead of going back to work....he was a ways ahead of me in line at subway, OH LORD he was nice looking, big, rugged, yet wearing nice casual yet expensive looking clothes (but not giving off that horrible aura of the metrosexual..) and then got into a BIG PICKUP TRUCK with a NO-W sign with the W in a crossed circle...I thought to myself, self, that's about the perfect man up there. He's got the "city boy" manners and clothes with the "country boy" truck and attitude and I bet he can two step while knowing what wine to drink with each meal. Without realizing it, I was just driving down the road in the opposite direction of my job, and then I realized I was like a stalker in the making and made myself turn to go back to work. GOOD LORD I've got to get out into society more often!!!

****Editing note***** I've just been informed (quite nicely, actually) by email that I have "serious issues" that "need work" in order for me to find my life happiness. Thank you gentle reader, I know you really do mean the best, but I have grown attached to my "issues." Just like my white hairs (that I call highlighting) and wrinkles, I have earned my "issues." They have become a part of me and the Knitting Virgin with clear smooth skin and thin thighs and the ability to be in a grown-up monogomas (cripes I can't even spell that word let alone DO it) relationship would probably take away part of the stuff that has built me into this goddess of satire and freaky-mojo-attracting being that I have become. Ok, I could TOTALLY do without the chubby thighs, but I'm afraid you're just stuck with me the way I am. I can "play nice" once in a while, but that just gets too boring. I think it was Shelby on Steel Magnolias said "I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." I've had more than my thirty minutes of fun, and I'd like to think those little moments have added up to the happiness (and often law-breaking) that have given me some of my most favorite memories and a lot of my personality.

dammit, now I'm going to have to go rent Steel Magnolias and the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and watch them all weekend and cry and laugh. I'd better call Jildo and re-hash some of our wild escapades.

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