Wednesday, March 02, 2005

so far beyond a bad-hair day

This is my hair today. For those of you who don't "get" my sad little primitive version of art, it is a pile of steaming smelly dog poo. Not even the stylish little hair clippy is helping. I tried to draw the clippy, but apparently the bad hair has leached into my creative brain and I am not able to draw anything better.

On a good note, I bought some magazines today, Good Things for organizing, 150 solutions for a clean and clutter-free home. I am LOVING this little mag from the creators of Martha Stewart Living!! I have all these great ideas, just no little home in which to try them yet. The story on my perfect little major-structural-help-needing house I still want is we're "waiting patiently" for a few weeks and then will put in a ridiculously low price and see what happens. I've not waited patiently for anything in my life, so that may be a challenge.

Also picked up the new knit.1 even though I wasn't too impressed with the first one. I do like all the ads & website links & such, so maybe I'll get inspired. I'm planning on browsing through the mags tonight when the kids are in bed.

I can't make the local knitting meeting again, sigh. I wanted to get out amongst the creative ones, but since my mood is much like my hair, a hot bath and candles and wine and magazines will probably be better for me anyway.

blahhhhhh I want my sunshine back.....maybe Sunday say the weather-people.

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