Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm listening to muppet radio, WTF

OK, the weekend had the makings of greatness, but didn't quite get there. Sat. was absolutely gorgeous, we spent all day outdoors, I sat up late knitting swatches, and recycling my washing machine over & over but didn't get the items felted enough yet. All in all, good day.

Sunday dawns (actually pre-dawn) at 4:30am, I feel Joey come crawling into my bed, lays down, then sits up and says "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Yup, you guessed it, in my slow sleepy mode, I say, "honey, do you feel like you have to..." and that's as far as I got before he barfed in my bed. Poor kid, he felt terrible. Have I said the sound or smell of barfing is enough to make me hurl? Either one will do it. Having both in my bed when I'm not quite awake is just not nice. We found a bucket, cleared the kid out, got him cleaned up, on the couch watching tv and I then proceeded to strip the bed, toss bedding in the washing machine WITHOUT gagging myself, quite the accomplishment. THEN I step into dog barf. Yup, the dog that we love more than anything that keeps eating his own poop or anything else that doesn't belong in his tummy apparently got ahold of a turd before I tossed his butt in the bath-tub Sat, and decided to barf it up in the side of the hallway. Nice.

Joey's better today, Beth & I haven't caught anything, I'm pretty sure it's just fun CF stuff. He takes synthetic enzyme pills before eating so he can process food, but the stuff must not be working as every time he tries to eat, he ends up with the poops. He's home with me today. He's feeling better, still having some tummy troubles, but better. He was "working" on the floor in my bedroom while I worked on my computer from home. He created a diarama with flowers, airplane and the sun, very cute. I set up my little live365 radio to muppet central radio. Swear to God, it's all muppets, all the time. Scary thing? I actually enjoyed it and realized he's been watching tv for the last hour and I've been jamming out to "it's not easy being green" from Kermit and some old Muppet Show tunes.

I think I'm truly schitzophrenic in my musical tastes. Put that on a personal ad and see what kinds of freaks apply to date the Knitting Virgin! Maybe not.

Felting update, I only made it through 3 rounds of the washing machine, everything is looking better, but needs a few more rounds. BUT I forgot about the Schaefer epseranza swatch (the ONE swatch I made BEFORE a project) and it had felted into a hard little orange/yellow/green turd-like thing. I used my mighty fingers of steel to pry it apart and decided it felts like a motherXXXXer and will use it for some buttonhole bags but probably only use ONE or TWO cycles.

All right, you know you want to, just like the diet dr. pepper commercial now...."ma na ma do do do na ma do do na na do do do do do do do do do dodo do..." Everybody... That Muppet Show was a seriously good show. I'm gonna have to find me some dvds.

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